Monday, March 10, 2014

Media bias

Sa MGB ngayon, nabalita na nagrereklamo si Delfin Lee na may bias ang media.  Sa akin lang, kung magtatago ka ng isang taon para matakasan ang mga paratang sa iyo sa korte, nawalan ka na ng karapatang magreklamo ng bias sa media.

Sa pagtatago mo pa lang konklusyon na ng ordinaryong tao may ginawa kang kasalanan.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Hated Headline

I hate headlines like this

'By the grace of God we missed our flight to China'

Yes, god made you miss your flight, isn't that nice, what a joker that god guy,  he didn't let the other 200 people who died miss their flight too.

Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will -  Gramsci

Friday, February 28, 2014

Doronila's attempt to revise Philippine history

In his column today, Amado Doronila criticizes PNOY for revising the EDSA revolt's history by incorporating the events prior to Enrile and Ramos's attempted coup.

Speaking in Cebu, the President said it was in that city, not in Manila, where the struggle to restore democracy began its “first chapter.”

Doronila characterizes this statement as

"This assertion downgraded the importance of the events at Edsa triggered by the military uprising against the Marcos regime, followed by the civilian mass movement that backed then defense minister Juan Ponce Enrile and then vice chief of staff Fidel Ramos in their breakaway from Marcos, knocking down the latter’s main pillar of support. In other words, the military revolt served as the catalyst of the people power revolution, starting the collapse of the repressive dictatorship that ruled the country for 14 years."

I can't see how he can reach this conclusion,  PNOY was relating how his mother after the COMELEC announced that Marcos won the snap elections went to Cebu to start the civil disobedience movement against the dictatorship.  Cebu was selected because the opposition regarded it as being the most pro opposition province. 

He then followed up with this bizarre paragraph.

Where was Cory Aquino, the President’s mother and leader of the emasculated political opposition, when the turmoil sparked by the military broke out? She was in Cebu, far away from the center of action in military camps at Edsa (Camp Aguinaldo, headquarters of the defense department, and Camp Crame, headquarters of the Philippine Constabulary led by Ramos). She had sought refuge in a religious safe house in Cebu, while the rebel forces and the loyalist segment of the Armed Forces led by Gen. Fabian Ver were locked in a standoff, in the struggle to take control of the Feb. 22-25 revolution, as civilians mobilized by the call of Cardinal Jaime Sin to go to the streets to protect the beleaguered rebel forces flooded Edsa to confront tanks and armored vehicles sent by Ver to storm Camp Crame.

He asked where was Cory Aquino when the coup attempt started.  The paragraph implies that Cory Aquino fled to Cebu after the start of the coup attempt.  When she was in Cebu all that time.  Ramos and Enrile did not inform her that they will be attempting a coup and their initial objective was not to install her as the President of the Philippines. 

His rant then gets weirder

In his revisionist speech in Cebu, Mr. Aquino said: “Those at Edsa were not the only ones who joined the revolt, right? There are those in Cebu, Davao and so many [other] places.” It’s about time we recognized that Edsa people power involved the struggle of Filipinos all over the country, “not just [those] in Metro Manila,” he told reporters.

How can this statement be revisionist.  Is Doronila saying that Filipinos in Cebu, Davao and other places did not support the EDSA revolt in Manila?

Then there is this statement

The shift of the venue of the Edsa anniversary celebration to Cebu marked an attempt by the President to emphasize Cory’s role in mobilizing mass protests in unseating Marcos. This interpretation ignores and downgrades the military’s role in unseating Marcos. The speech had no reference to the military as one of the key players of the uprising. It, however, refocused on Cory’s role in Cebu, while the military was hogging  the stage in the struggle for control of the revolt between the Enrile-Ramos forces and the loyalist forces.  Cory’s refuge in Cebu completely sidelined her from center of the action at Edsa.

Maybe its an attempt by  PNOY to emphasize the role of other Filipinos and provinces in the EDSA revolt.  Maybe it's an attempt to manage traffic in Manila since there are simultaneous road constructions going on. 

And then there is the concluding statement

The credit for this supremacy belongs to the people who filled Edsa to end the dictatorship. We owe them for the restoration of democracy, not the Aquino family.

How can he reach this conclusion when he quotes PNOY earlier in his column saying that

“Those at Edsa were not the only ones who joined the revolt, right? There are those in Cebu, Davao and so many [other] places.”

Wow.  Did he even read what he was writing?

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Galing sa Booksale

Di ko pa alam kung maganda, di ko pa nasisimulan pero nakaka intriga yung title

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Hobbit

Naisip ko lang na kung pareahas ang haba ng 3 pelikula sa The Hobbit trilogy ni Peter Jackson, mukhang mas mabilis matatapos ng isang tao na basahin ang orihinal na libro kesa i-marathon yung 3 pelikula.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Nag grocery ako kahapon at itong aleng ito ang nasa unahan ko. Halos 2,000 pesos yung binili niya tapos tig 5 pesos ang binayad.  Sa pagbilang pa lang ng pera ang tagal na, tapos ayaw pang maniwala sa bilang nung mga kahera kaya nag double check pa.

Kung wala sana siyang ibang pera puedeng pagbigyan, pero may hawak siyang tig 500 pesos.  Puede namang sa banko na lang siya nagpapapalit ng buo para mawala yung barya niya, hindi pa siya nakaabala ng tao.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Binay the bully

Read this defense of Mayor Binays action by his information person, Joey Salgado.

and just had to react

Dear Mr. Salgado,

The problem with the Nov. 30 incident is not the altercation between the guards and the Mayor. That is a byproduct of the larger issue, that of Mayor Binay thinking that he should be able to enter or exit anywhere he pleases.

If Mayor Binay accepted the guards assertion that it was not possible for him to exit that gate, and exited where possible, then this incident would have ended without any negative publicity to him.

But no, he had to put pressure on the guards to let him exit through that gate because he is the Mayor. Even if, as you assert that he was not arrogant in his demeanor when he asked the guards to let him pass, the action itself points to a mindset that is self absorbed.

He was only thinking of his situation, not the guards. It was the subdivision's policy to not let vehicles exit that gate at that hour. The guards were only implementing the policy, they had no discretion in the matter. The ones who had discretion, the people who can give exception to that policy and let him exit from that gate is the homeowner's association.

If the Mayor really wanted to exit from that gate, then he should have contacted the HOA and asked them to instruct the guards to let him exit from that gate. In your explanation, there was no mention of him trying to contact the HOA.

What he was actually doing was trying to bully the guards to let him exit that gate because he was the Mayor. The altercation with the guards and their subsequent invitation to the police station was just a continuation of the bullying when his initial action went unheeded.

In short, he was being a cry baby who wanted get his own way no matter what.