Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Binay the bully

Read this defense of Mayor Binays action by his information person, Joey Salgado.

and just had to react

Dear Mr. Salgado,

The problem with the Nov. 30 incident is not the altercation between the guards and the Mayor. That is a byproduct of the larger issue, that of Mayor Binay thinking that he should be able to enter or exit anywhere he pleases.

If Mayor Binay accepted the guards assertion that it was not possible for him to exit that gate, and exited where possible, then this incident would have ended without any negative publicity to him.

But no, he had to put pressure on the guards to let him exit through that gate because he is the Mayor. Even if, as you assert that he was not arrogant in his demeanor when he asked the guards to let him pass, the action itself points to a mindset that is self absorbed.

He was only thinking of his situation, not the guards. It was the subdivision's policy to not let vehicles exit that gate at that hour. The guards were only implementing the policy, they had no discretion in the matter. The ones who had discretion, the people who can give exception to that policy and let him exit from that gate is the homeowner's association.

If the Mayor really wanted to exit from that gate, then he should have contacted the HOA and asked them to instruct the guards to let him exit from that gate. In your explanation, there was no mention of him trying to contact the HOA.

What he was actually doing was trying to bully the guards to let him exit that gate because he was the Mayor. The altercation with the guards and their subsequent invitation to the police station was just a continuation of the bullying when his initial action went unheeded.

In short, he was being a cry baby who wanted get his own way no matter what.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

3 Dasma guards who stopped Binay convoy held, freed

3 Dasma guards who stopped Binay convoy held, freed | Inquirer News

Ganito ang nangyari
"The mayor came from his sister’s house in DasmariƱas Village when their convoy was not allowed to get past the Banyan Road gate of the village.

The guards of Right Eight Security Inc. did not raise the iron barrier because vehicles are not allowed to pass through the gate after 10 p.m. for security reasons, the source said.

“All vehicles are allowed to pass this gate during the day. They can enter until midnight, but no one is allowed to go out after 10 in the evening,” the source said."
Ganito ang resulta
"Ram Antonio, president of Right Eight Security, said the agency had already apologized to Binay.

“We have instructed our guards to apologize to the mayor and we have started a debriefing session,” Antonio said.

In a text message, Joey Salgado, City Hall spokesman, said the president of Right Eight had sent a letter to Binay and “apologized profusely for the incident.”

Salgado said Pantangco had admitted that “there were lapses in their procedures.”"
Ganito na lang ba talaga buhay dito sa Pinas? Sumusunod lang yung mga gwardiya sa patakaran sila pa yung mali. Sila na yung inaresto ng walang dahilan dahil sa kanilang pagsunod ng patakaran sila pa kailangang humingi na paumanhin.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Galing sa Booksale

Puede na i-download ito at ang Noli Me Tangere (The Social Cancer) sa project gutenberg (

Least guilty

Sa aking palagay, si Napoles ang pinaka least guilty sa mga prinsipal na kasangkot sa pork barrel scam. Siya lang ang hindi nanumpa na pangangalagaan at babantayan ang kaban ng bayan.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Ayon sa pinakabagong survey ng SWS, number 5 na lang si Chiz Escudero mula number 1, palagay ko naka apekto sa standing ni Chiz yung mga balita tungkol sa kanila ni Heart Evangelista.  Sa kabilang banda, hindi nakaapekto sa standing ni Cynthia Villar yung balita sa opinyon niya sa mga Pinoy nurses.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

RSS Reader

I am now using old reader most of the time.  It is a fine replacement for google reader. 

I am still using bing as my default search engine,  it is fine for everyday search,  I sometimes switch to google when I can't seem to find the things I'm looking for.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Desktop ko sa Kubuntu 12.10

Yung picture ng babies ko nag cycle sa lahat ng pictures nila na meron dito sa computer ko.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

MS Office temptation

Yesterday, I was working on a google doc document and I was getting frustrated with inadequacy of building tables and I was briefly tempted to install WINE and Office 2003.

I decided against it because if I did install WINE and office, I might as well use windows. 

Using linux for about a month and it is still quite frustrating.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

When Google lost its cool

This article captures how I feel about google
"But in a fickle information economy in which giants become dwarves overnight, balancing one’s reputation for cool with one’s bottom line is trickier than ever. A growing accumulation of incidents that rub users the wrong way creates a climate of dissatisfaction that amplifies our reactions to new abuses. A year ago, maybe we laughed off the “ogooglebar” kerfuffle, ignored Whittaker’s post, and dreamed of wearing Google glasses. Now we poke mean fun at overzealous lawyers, see bean-counting corporate realignment behind every new product launch, and savage Google Glass wearers as irredeemable dorks. Perhaps most troublingly, the benefit of the doubt is gone.We’re way beyond mocking “don’t be evil.” Now our default position toward Google increasingly resembles how we treated Microsoft in the ’90s. Google is indispensable, certainly, but not necessarily to be trusted."

Monday, April 01, 2013

My first e-books

Today I fount out that Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg died 2 years ago.  As a book reader,  I have always been grateful that Project Gutenberg exists and that if I ever ran out of reading materials, I can always get some there. 

I have not used them a lot, but just knowing that it exists comforts me.  RIP Mr. Michael Hart, I thank you for all your contribution to humankind.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why I like google more than bing

though I still use bing for a majority of my searches because of Google closing Google reader down.  I go back to Google for searches like this, it's just easier than opening up the calculator.

Google search fro 200 dollars converted to Philippine peso

bing version

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bogus Nexus 7 sale

Nasa SM misis ko, napadaan sila sa isang computer store doon, naka sale daw yung Nexus 7 nila, 13,999 na lang.  Nung tingnan ko sa net 13,999 ang regular price ng Nexus 7 dito sa Pilipinas, sa 41 pesos to 1 dollar, mga 341 US dollars o 100 dollars halos ang diprensiya sa US price.

Hindi ko alam kung anong tindahan siya napadaan, di ko tinanong, pero mag-ingat na lang mga tao.  Hindi sale ang 13,999 na Nexus 7, ito ang regular price at kumpara sa presyo nito sa Amerika, malaki ang kamahalan ng benta dito sa Pinas.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reader replacement

I'm trying out feedly to be my reader replacement.  Seems ok.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Network printing

After several hours, I was able to print with my Kubuntu 12.10 installation to a shared printer from an XP machine.  I couldn't browse for the printer so I tried entering the address manually, but it didn't work also.  I noticed that I also could not, browse shared windows folder so I thought that was part of the problem.  I had to install winbind and edit nsswitch.conf as directed from this page

which allowed me to browse shared folders and also browse for the shared printer.

It's been about a month since I started using Kubuntu for work, it has been frustrating especially during the first couple of weeks, but I'm getting used to it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

url shortener

Needed to shorten a url for twitter and searched for one on bing,  the 2nd result was, the url shortener of google.

Yes, still using bing because google is shutting down google reader.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Marquez vs Pacquiao

Was reading this article by Bill Simmons and I came upon this section where he writes that Marquez probably used performance enhancing drugs which made him win and knock out Pacquiao.

"My favorite recent look-the-other-way example: Juan Manuel Marquez couldn't knock down Manny Pacquiao for 36 solid rounds over three of their fights. Before their third fight, the 39-year-old Marquez aligned himself with a disgraced strength-and-conditioning coach named Angel Heredia (Google his name and PEDs; it's a fun 10 minutes), arrived in Vegas so ripped that he weighed in four pounds under the 147-pound limit, knocked Pacquiao down early with a vicious power punch, then coldcocked him a few rounds later with one of the single greatest knockout punches ever thrown. What did we do? We bought the fight, gathered in our living rooms. We oohed and aahed, tweeted our disbelief and forwarded the YouTube clip around. And when Marquez passed the bogus post-fight drug test — for the record, Keith Richards in 1978 after a night at Studio 54 could pass one of boxing's drug tests — everyone let the moment go.

Know this: Every boxing fan I know believes that Marquez enhanced his chances that night."

Thursday, March 14, 2013


My totally irrational reaction to google closing reader is to use bing as my search engine of choice.  At least until I get tired of it, unless I like it and make it permanent.

Hitler finds out Google Reader is shutting down

Aside from g-mail, google reader is my most used google service, so I am sad.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Upgrade to Kubuntu 12.10

Upgraded from Kubuntu 12.04 to 12.10 yesterday.  a little later than a lot people but I just reinstalled linux last month after several years off.  The upgrade was perfect,  the first time I upgraded from one Kubuntu version to another without messing up the PC.