Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keep it simple, stupid

So this morning, while booting up my pc, it told me that my password has expired and that i had to change it. Which is fine except when I tried to change it, it refused, giving me this answer:
"Configuration information could not be read from the domain controller either because the machine is unavailable, or access has been denied."
So I did what I usually do when presented with computer problems, go to google and search for answers.And there were myriad answers, mostly involving booting from a win7 cd and using the command line. I tried several of them, nothing worked and when I was almost sure that I would need to re-install windows, I read the advice that saved me
"I had the same problem and was very tense. The solution was simple: 1) Go in to the BIOS and set the date to earlier than when the problem occurred 2) The computer should boot normally 3) Adjust the password settings for the user in question 4) Reset the date in windows and reboot Worked for me. I was thankful to have found the solution"
from stevefromgi from sevenforums. Something that we used to do to thwart viruses and what not, still fools windows