Friday, August 26, 2005

Salen-ga Award

"Salen-ga, a Filipino, discovered that the negative electron is actually positive"

In honor of Prof. Edgardo E. Escultura, I am proposing the establishment of the Salen-ga awards. The Salen-ga awards will be given to that exemplary Filipino who has contributed to the development of Filipino's interest in science through the propagation of their crackpot theories.

I propose the creation of the Salen-ga Society. The Salen-ga Society will be the organization to administer the award. Those who wish to join the Salen-ga Society can apply here.

I propose that the award be given every 5th of May to commemorate the day when the Manila Times reported that Prof. EEE had disproven Andrew Wiles proof regarding Fermat's Last theorem.

Nominations to the award are now open, the first nominee, of course is Prof. Edgar Escultura. To nominate people, one must join the Salen-ga Society.

Suggestion for the improvement of the award are welcome, please join the Salen-ga Society.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Changing his mind

I got this comment from "Escultura Admirer" and I want to thank him for updating me on the latest developments with Prof. Escultura. I wanted more details so I went to Prof. Escultura's guest book and here is what I found.

On Tuesday 07/05/2005 5:23:50pm, a Mr. Roehlano M. Briones, wrote to Prof. Escultura this letter:
"I have attempted to confirm your story about the Nobel Prize nomination reported in Manila Times and found some anomalies.

I did a search for "Hieber" and "Jonhasen" in the Royal Swedish Academy website:

I got no hits. Nor do I find the names by checking one-by-one.

Furthermore information from the Nobel Prize website on nominations is clear:

Information about nomination, etc. is kept secret for FIFTY YEARS. Only the winner is informed of the outcome.

Kindly send me your clarification by e-mail. Thank you."
Prof. Escultura responded
"Yes, it is a hoax and I have a statement about it in the Manila Times.

On Wednesday 07/06/2005 0:31:42am, a Mr. Benjamin Flores inquired
"Dear Professor,

Now that you have personally admitted as a hoax your "awards", I would like to know when the Manila Times will retract its articles and issue an apology for their flawed reporting?

best intentions,"
For which Prof Escultura replied
"The Manila Times will have my statement Thursday. E. E. Escultura"
Apprently, the letter did not get published because on Thursday 07/07/2005 4:08:13pm, Benjamin Flores again wrote to Prof. Escultura:
"Dear Professor,

The Thursday edition of Manila Times did not carry your statement.
Did you actually win the Carl Gauss medal and the Michel Prize as well or was that also part of the hoax?"
The reply was
"The Times has not yet published my statement. It might appear on the same day the nobel article appeared. No independent verification of Gauss but appears to be independent. Michel Prize there is continuing dialogue with me and I have made the last requirement Tuesday. One of members involved in this project is a victim of the hoax.

E. E. Escultura"
Then on Friday 07/22/2005 3:40:55pm Richard Viejo asked
"Dear Professor,

I have an impressionable nephew who studies in Kalayaan College. Would you be so kind to let us know when your retraction will come out in the Manila Times?

Things stood like this until on Tuesday 08/02/2005 7:31:11pm, Professor Escultura wrote
"Dear Mr. Viejo,

There is no need for rebraction. Everything is GO and will be known in due time.

E. E. Escultura"
So there it is, Prof. Escultura's belief that the nobel nomination is a hoax lasted for less than 30 days. And how come he came to believe that it was a hoax? The latest entry in his guest book explains

For those who missed my recent statement, allow me to state it again.

The Nobel nomination is on. My previous assessment that it was a hoax was wrong. The error was stems from a conspiracy to make me believe that it was a haox. I hsve since then been contacted by my nominators to explain the situation and confirm my nomination.

E. E. Escultura"
Prf. Escultura Apparently missed this quote from Mr. Briones' letter
"Furthermore information from the Nobel Prize website on nominations is clear:

Information about nomination, etc. is kept secret for FIFTY YEARS. Only the winner is informed of the outcome."
Prof. Escultura, unless you won, you are not supposed to know you were even nominated. That you are being informed by your "nominators" that you are nominated is a CLUE that it is a hoax. Please check more carefully.


I want to thank Mr. Briones, Mr. Flores, Mr. Viejo and Mr. Reynold (whose letter I did not quote here) for their efforts to set the record straight on this matter even venturing within Prof. Escultura's guest book. To his credit, Prof. Escultura has been very open to all comers in his guest book, and does not seem to censor any of the posts even if the comments are against him.

Escultura Admirer has pointed out that Prof. Esculura has edited out from his guestbook the comments EA quoted regarding the PCIJ and UP. If EEE does not edit comments from othe people, it would seem that he does edit at least his own writings.

New Update:

I browsed EEE's site and I found out that the EA's quote is still there it's located not in EEE's guestbook but in his message board.

As I was browsing the message board I came upon this entry
Dear friends and colleagues,

I just had a conference with Andrew Wiles arranged by Dr. J-L Raymond of Luynes University, France (who awarded me the Michel Prize). He said he agreed with me but wanted more clarification as he is preparing to respond to my detractors. I shall publish the transcript of the conference in my journal in January for historical purposes.

E. E. Escultura
This message was posted by EEE July 12, 2005 at 7:02 PM. I wonder what kind of conference it was. And why should the transcripts be published only in January?

His admission of the Nobel Prize nomination is a hoax can also be seen there

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Service Interruption

For the past several weeks, I have been able to post at least once a week. But my coming schedule leaves little time for doing anything else but work so new entries will be few and far between at least until the end of September.

Thank you.


This service announcement is intended for the 2 or 3 people who actually visit this site for new postings. You know who you are. :)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Honest Politician

Here in the Philippines, the term "honest politician" is often regarded as an oxymoron. Yet, the death of former Senator Raul Roco highlighted the fact that there was at least one politician that was regarded by people as not only honest but also competent.

Sef has raised the question who can we look up to now that Senator Roco is gone. The standard and safe answer is "look into yourself grasshopper, the power is within you". The answer though safe and standard is still of course, true. But I do not want to give a safe answer today, I want to name names and let the chips fall where they may. I want, in other words, to be a whistleblower. I can always retract my words anytime I want.

So here are my candidates for politicians that should give our country hope.
  1. Florencio "Butch" Abad - I first heard of Butch Abad when he was appointed by President Aquino as Secretary for Agrarian Reform. His confirmation as Secretary was subsequently blocked by his own colleagues at the House of Representatives because he was pro-land reform.

    He subsequently ran for Senator under the Salonga-Pimentel ticket in the 1992 elections (he lost). In 1995, he was re-elected as the representative for the lone-district of Batanes. If I recall correctly he was the majority floor leader during the 11th congress when he joined the impeachment complaint against President Estrada. And he just recently resigned as the Secretary of Education and called on President Aroyo to resign.

    Through out his political career, Butch Abad has shown that he is willing to forego/leave a government position to fight for his principles.

  2. Joker Arroyo - I had to laugh when I read his comment regarding Senator Roco, he said (according to the Philippine Star)
    "Roco was an idealistic person, but his problems started when he 'sought to combine his idealism with politics, compromise being the hallmark of politics'

    'He was uncompromising in his resistance to separate the two. That was his virtue as a true leader, his failing as a politician' "
    It's like the pot calling the kettle black. Senator Arroyo, even in his days as a congressman is known for refusing to use his pork barell allotments, for not employing excessive personal staff, he has been known to answer his own telephone and do his own research. And though he always seemed to end up in the majority, it has never prevented him from criticizing the government when he feels they had done wrong.

  3. Juan Flavier - Senator Flavier started out as the poorest Senator, now 10 years after, he is still the poorest Senator. Although I think he was a better Secretary of Health that a Senator, I do not know enough about his legislative record to be deemed competent to judge.

  4. Bayani Fernando - I must confess that I do not agree with a lot of Chairman Fernando's avowed policy, even when we was the Mayor of Marikina. But he does seem to get results. My travel time from Valenzuela City to Makati has gone down, even as he closed the underpass(?) to public utility vehicles in both Crossing and Cubao.

  5. Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte - I've always thought Mayor Belmonte was a typical politician until I saw him in the forefront of the Estrada impeachment case. But I place him here because of the reports of his reforms as Mayor of Quezon City. He has improved sevice, cut the number of employees and produced 2 billion pesos in savings for QC.
Other politicians that I have heard and seen good things about are: Mayor Jesse Robredo of Naga City, Mayor Raul Banias of Concepcion, Iloilo, Mayor Jett Rojas of Ajuy, Iloilo, Congressman Nerius Acosta and former Mayor of Datu Paglas and now candidate for ARMM Governor, Datu Ibrahim Paglas. I almost forgot Congressman Zamora, no, not the one from San Juan, the one from from Compostela Valley, the one who bicycles to work , Manuel "Way Kurat" Zamora.

I am sure that if we can still add to the names I've written here. If you really think about it, all of us do know of at least one honest and competent politician. Let us vote for them and as Senator Roco would say, let the seeds of change grow and dominate.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Raul Roco

Senator Raul Roco died today, I cannot articulate how I feel. So I point you to Sef at AlterNation 101 who expresses many of the things I feel.

"Less than 3 hours ago, it was reported that former senator and presidential candidate Raul Roco died at the St. Luke's Medical Center, apparently of prostate cancer (news from, and I do not know Sen. Roco that well, but now that we are at a loss for leaders, I feel that his death is somewhat of a sad blow to our country."
Atty. Edwin Lacierda also shares his thoughts.
"Raul S. Roco will be forever be remembered for his greatness in the halls of the House of Representatives and the Senate floor and for his incorruptible accomplishments in the Department of Education. But I will always cherish him as my first teacher in the law profession who took time to train the humble and the lowly, to emphasize that right is might, the primacy of country over one's own, public service over private greed and faith in man's goodness over pessimism and hopelessness."
I extend my sincerest condolence to the family of the late Senator. I thank you for sharing your husband, father, brother and son with us, his countrymen.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Count the ERs

For the past several weeks, the Philippine Congress has been conducting hearings to determine whether the "Hello Garci" aka "Gloriagate" recordings are authentic. Yesterday, the Congress issued an arrest warrant for former COMELEC Commissioner Garcilliano after he "ignored it's summons to appear" (quoted fromt the PDI).

Meanwhile, the Senate for the past several months has been conducting hearings on jueteng (in aid of legislation). In the Senate hearings, there are allegations that Mike Arroyo, the husband of the President, Mikey Arroyo, the son of the President and Iggy Arroyo, the brother-in-law of the President are involved in this illegal endeavor. Yesterday, they had as witness/resource person, Michaelangelo Zuce who testified that the President knew that jueteng money was used to bribe Philippine election officials so they would help in her campaign. In addition, he also testified that "all the conversations (in the 'Hello Garci' tapes) really took place because Commissioner Garcilliano told me about them"

Partly because of the revelations from these hearings, an impeachment complaint was submitted to Congress. The complainants, for the past several days have been boasting about the roomfulls of evidence and the witnesses they have against the President. If Zuce is part of their panel of witnesses against the President, then I think we will be in for a long, very long impeachment. As I write this, the President's minions have been out gathering dirt against Zuce to damage his credibility, I do not know if the will succeed or not, or whether Zuce can convince more members of Congress to sign the impeachment complaint, I only know that I do not want this process to drag on.

I have been waiting for someone to propose we count the Elecion Returns, if the "Hello Garci " tapes are real and if election officials actually took bribes, then, this will be reflected in the higher levels of canvassing. The tapes, and maybe Mr. Zuce can pinpoint the provinces that cheating happened, Congress, in aid of legislation, can subpoena the Election Returns of these Privinces, they can then count the ERs per precinct and compare the results to the results of the Provincial canvass, if the ER totals are totally different than the Provincial canvass, then I think we can definitely conclude that cheating has taken place.

We do not need roomfulls of evidence and hundreds of witnesses to impeach President Arroyo, we need a smoking gun, and counting the ER's will give us concrete evidence of cheating. I can't understand why nobody is pursuing this. The opposition kept on insisting that the ERs be counted during the Congressional canvass, why are they not insisting on this procedure now? Surely a delay in the impeachment proceeding is permissible if it can guarantee victory. They do not even need to count all the provinces, one province where cheating can be proved is enough.

Count the Election Returns - let the Filipino people know the truth.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Found this site through The Panda's Thumb, I immediately saw that this can be used to decide once and for all the seething controversies in the Philippines.

First up, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo vs Fernando Poe, Jr. - GMA should win this one, She was a cabinet undersecretary, a Senator, a Vice-President, and President of the Philippines, FPJ on the other hand was the undisputed King of Philippine movies and the number one opponent of GMA in the last elections. Even so, GMA should win.


Next, Corazon Aquino vs. Ferdinand Marcos - Tita Cory as she is fondly addressed by Filipinos should also win this one, she was the President from 1986 to 1992, the generation most comfortable with technology, Macoy on the other hand ruled the Philippines for 20 years from 1966 to 1986, and has a rabid loyalist following, he can score an upset.


Nora Aunor vs. Vilma Santos - The fight that has been raging for at least 3 decades, Ate Vi, should come out the winner, her career has had more staying power, she was able to get her husband elected to the Senate, she has won as Mayor of Lipa City. Ate Guy on the other hand was arrested in the US for drug possession, although that might tilt the fight in her favor.


La Salle vs Ateneo - This is a fight that is truly unpredictable, both schools have loyal alumni and undergrads. If we go by the number of UAAP basketball championships, La Sallle should win handily. If we go by the number of Alumni who became President of the Philippines then Ateneo should win (Both President Estrada and Macapagal-Arroyo acknowledge their Ateneo roots.


Lastly Crispa vs Toyota - The rivalry that should have ended in the early 80's when both basketball clubs were disbanded continues to this day in the minds of their most avid fans. Toyota should win this one because they have the larger and more dedicated fans, but as a Crispanatic I am pulling for my team


I forgot that Toyota is an internationally known brand name so it was really no contest :)

If you think of more rivalries try out googlefight, it's a great way to waste time.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Adventures in Government 2

Manila City Hall

Yesterday, (August 1, 2005) I went to the Civil Registry Office at the Manila City Hall to get my birth certificate and have them transmit a copy to the NSO. I arrived at about 10 AM. For someone who had not been to the Manila City Hall before, it was a little confusing. The Civil Registry office was at the back and there were no signs to guide you. Fortunately, the guards and the employees were ready to answer questions from lost souls.

I had to line up just to enter the office, there were so many people that I thought it would take me all day just to get into the office. It took only 30 minutes, after entering the office, we were given an application form. I was applicant number 285. It took another 15 minutes for my number to be called, I wanted the Registry office to transmit my birth certificate to the NSO, appararently, the city incurs additional costs when transmitting birth ceritificates to the NSO, it also takes them longer to process the papers. I would have to go back to the Manila City Hall on August 5 to get my birth certificate.

Caloocan City Land Transportation Office (LTO)

Also yesterday, my sister applied to have her license renewed at the LTO in Caloocan. She had not renewed her license for weveral years so she had to again take the tests. She was accompanied by my mother. They arrive at the LTO before 11 AM and they got the license at about 6 PM. I was amazed at the speed in which the LTO processes licenses, a one day processing of license is quite good considering that my SSS ID has not yet arrived. There were some problems though.

One of which was that my sister was charged 280 pesos for something. She did not know what the 280 pesos was for and she was not inquisitive enough to ask, she innocently thought that the purpose for the 280 pesos would be reflected in the official receipt. Not so, the official receipt did not contain any item for 280 pesos. Maybe somebody out there knows what the 280 pesos was for, please enlighten me naman. The second problem also involved a receipt, this time the non-issuance by the health clinic where her drug tests were conducted, they charged her 250 pesos and did not issue any receipt. My sister deliberately tried not to use "fixers" in her application, and the only advantage that gave her, aside from knowing that she did her civic duty, was aggravation. She was actually thinking of reporting the events to Mike Enriquez.


Maybe if all Filipinos stop using "fixers" not only the ones that are paid, but also the "friends" we know. We would all be agitated enough to actually vote for people who would actually reform things in the bureaucracy.

Even after saying that, I must say that I am pleasantly surprized at the efficiency of the bureacracy both in the National agencies, (NSO, SSS, LTO) and the Local Government Units (Quezon City and Manila City). I would guess the stories about how it has been a disaster for them dealing with government bureaucracy is more the exception rather than the rule. Government bureaucracy works rather efficiently unless it is hit with exceptions (with situations outside of the norm) and then it may become a nightmare.

Something that I am finding increasingly irritating is how people in the bureaucracy seem not to smile. I know they do, because people smile all the time. But the majority of the folks I have encountered manning their posts seem to begrudge people smiles. Maybe its a defence mechanism, maybe when people see someone smile, they take it to mean that he/she is accomodating and they will flock to him/her, giving the person more work and problems than he/she can handle. Even so, I hope government units will encourage their personnel to smile at their clients, it will make for a more inviting and friendly atmosphere. It will make the applicants feel more like favored clients rather than numbers to be disposed of as fast as they possibly can.


I went to the Manila City Hall yesterday (August 5, 2005) to get my birth certificate. It took me less than 5 minutes. The transmittal to the NSO however will take another 2 weeks.