Monday, May 28, 2007

Creation museum carnival

This is collection of blog entries on the newly opened 'creation museum' as compiled by Prof. PZ Myers of Pharyngula. I wouldn't normally post or link to something on creationism because I don't think this is a problem in the Philippines. Not yet at least, but the opening of a whole museum dedicated to such nonsense seems too big to let pass.

So head on to Pharyngula to read why this museum should be relegated to the dustbin of history.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Karate Kid - Cliff Notes - Cliffs Notes on The Karate Kid
Do you think friendships between young boys and geriatric maintenance men are slightly creepy? Do you find yourself wondering if Cobra Kai will ever die? (Hint: never.) Sounds like you need to brush up on your Karate Kid. Luckily, you no longer have to watch the entire 120-minute film, thanks to our extensive Cliffs Notes on the John G Avildsen classic.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Magbilang Kayo ng Election Returns Niyo

Nanonood ako ng Prime News ngayon sa ANC kung saan nagrereklamo si Nikki Coseteng kung bakit hindi nilalagay ng NAMFREL yung bilang ng bumoto sa kanilang press advisory. Ang hindi ko maintindihan, bakit siya nagagalit sa NAMFREL samantalang dapat may sariling Election Returns ang oposisyon, yung panglimang kopya ng official ER's ay para sa oposisyon.

Ang hirap sa oposisyon napaka bilis magreklamo ng pandaraya wala namang ginagawa para maiwasan yung pandaraya. Yung organisasyon na tuwing eleksiyon na lang ay nagpapakahirap para mabawasan o maiwasan ang pandaraya sa Pilipinas, sila pa yung nababatikos.

Full disclosure: naging member po ako ng NAMFREL, hindi mataas ang naging posisyon ko, hanggang watcher lang.

Friday, May 18, 2007


From Eleksyon 2007 -

Atty. Raissa Jajurie witnessed election irregularities in Sulu
"'I was really taken aback by the cheating in the area…I was shocked to see the BEIs writing on the ballots which had already been thumbmarked by voters,' ."
The innocent interpretation of this behavior is that the voters, being illiterates, asked a member of the BEI to help them fill up the ballots. There are of course other interpretations:
"Jajurie described the voters as "too scared" or that they "could have been paid.""
Because Atty. Jajurie was there and saw the scene for herself, I am inclined to accept her interpretation.

The Better Part of Valor

From ‘No voting in Maguindanao’:
via Manuel L. Quezon III: Costs of political cannibalism

You have accused the present administration of cheating in the last elections. You are almost sure that they will cheat again in the coming elections. To ensure that they cannot cheat again you do "not bother to field local candidates or assign poll watchers in the province’s (Maguindanao's) 27 towns." because
“It was pointless to put watchers in Maguindanao. There’s no such thing as elections there,” Asis said in Manila when asked if the LP had counterchecked the supposed TU sweep.

“The elections there are done by other people, not by the constituents. The elections there are dictated. There’s no point,” added Asis, who supervises the LP’s internal canvassing at its campaign headquarters in Makati City."
It's like they are asking the administration to cheat them with impunity. But of course the opposition's shortcomings does not prevent them from questioning the result of the Maguindanao tally.
But GO campaign spokesperson Adel Tamano scoffed at TU candidate Luis “Chavit” Singson’s reported lead in the early results in Maguindanao.

“It does not only smell of cheating but also stinks to high heavens,” Tamano, a lawyer and a Muslim, said Thursday.

He added: “Even assuming that Maguindanao is an administration bailiwick, why is Chavit -- a Christian and not from Mindanao -- No. 1, and [Sultan Jamalul] Kiram, who logically will be supported by his fellow Muslims and Mindanaoans, not No. 1 or even in second place?

“The 12-0 result in Maguindanao with Chavit as No. 1 speaks volumes about the credibility -- or lack thereof -- of elections in that area.”
But without any candidate or watcher from the area, they can only speculate, they have no proof. They could have had proof, maybe prevented the cheating if they only diverted some resources to the area, they chose not too.

From the Stupid Quote Department

From Eleksyon 2007 -
"Ocampo said, “If they had the machinery, why was it only concentrated in Maguindanao? How come they did not achieve 12-0 anywhere else?”"
Maybe their machinery only worked in Maguindanao? How stupid is this quote, did the PDI misquote him? Did they quote him out of context?

From the same article:
"Santiago said reports that voters in Maguindanao had voted straight Team Unity in the senatorial race were “unbelievable, unless they resorted to massive vote-buying.”
TUTA may have resorted to massive vote-buying, but can people please stop accusing each other of massive cheating without any shred of proof. For example, Bayan Muna complained that:
The 273 votes cast for Anakpawis in Colombio town, Sultan Kudarat province, were reduced to zero during the provincial canvass, according to Anakpawis party-list Rep. Rafael Mariano.
Can't they produce their tallies that prove this? If they have watchers, then the watchers should have recorded the results in raw form. If they were smart, they would have asked the BEI to sign their tallies. If they can produce this tallies with the BEI signature, then we have some evidence. If they do not have watchers, they can ask the Dominant Minority party access to their official 5th copy of Election Returns or NAMFREL for their 6th copy and tabulate from there. How is this significantly more difficult than just mouthing off?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dirty Harry is Back

From Eleksyon 2007 -

The reason Sen. Lim barged into the HQ of Mayoral candidate Atienza yesterday was because of:
...valid reports from his men who allegedly saw teachers going in and out of the establishment. He claimed it was possible that the teachers carrying legitimate ERs swapped it for fake ones inside the office, were given money and later proceeded to the canvassing area to surrender the fake ERs.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Dirty Harry is back as Manila Mayor, and he did not need to be proclaimed to violate somebody's right to the presumption of innocence. His men told him that cheating is being done in the HQ, well unless proven otherwise, cheating is being done there, even if he found no proof.
The search did yield election returns, although an examination conducted by Commission on Elections officer Jovencio Balanquit—who also rushed to the scene—showed that these were legitimate copies given to the dominant majority political party, Lakas CMD.
I sure am glad I don't live in Manila.

Update 5/18/2007

Ali Atienza concedes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Unrealistic Expectations

The Philippine Star has a News Feature that discusses why the presence of Max Soliven's name in the voting list in San Juan belied the COMELEC's claim that it has cleansed the country's voting list. The Philippine Star may be correct in their allegation, but if their only proof is the presence of Mr. Soliven's name in the voting list, then they should have tried harder to come up with more and better examples.

How can you expect the COMELEC to be able to de-list Mr. Soliven's name from the voting list when he died just 6 months ago (November 24). Are death certificates forwarded to the COMELEC so they can de-list them from the voting list automatically? It is SOP for the COMELEC to remove the name of a person from the voter's list if they fail to vote for two straight elections. Mr. Soliven, has only failed to do so this year, if the SOP stands and Chairman Abalos does not order the delisting of Mr. Soliven's name, his name should still appear in the voter's list for the 2010 Presidential elections.

Of course, the ideal scenario would be the delisting of a person's name upon death, but failing that, the SOP being done is the best compromise between delisting people automatically after failing to vote for one election and necessitating a lot of re-registrations and the delisting of people who are not able to or are unwilling to vote again.

Yes, we should expect the COMELEC to do their job as effectively and as efficiently as possible, but let us not expect them to do things they are not equipped to do.

Cheating? 2

From Eleksyon 2007 -
"And no one can claim, Maceda said, that Escudero has cheated to make his way to the top spot. Not even former senator Loren Legarda, who has said that the number one spot could only be taken away from her if she was cheated.

'I don't think so. The vote of Chiz is legitimate but coming in Number 2 is not bad. I think she (Legarda) should accept the judgment of the people,' the GO official said.
Maceda noted that Escudero, Cayetano and especially Trillanes had no access to funding to help improve their chances of winning."
I've heard this refrain before. Now that they are winning, cheating is not involved, when they are losing, cheating is rampant. Just like when they are trailing in surveys, the surveys are inaccurate and the survey firm is biased.


From Eleksyon 2007 -

Manila Mayoralty candidate Alfredo Lim barged inside an election headquarter of his opponent Ali Atienza because they received reports that Mr. Atienza's camp will use the 4th copy of the Election returns, given to them by the COMELEC as the Dominant Majority party, for Election fraud.

This is not General Lim's first attempt to run for office. He was elected as Manila Mayor and ran for President. Yet, he does not know that Official copies of Election Returns are given to the Dominant Majority party and the Dominant Minority party? This is just sad.

I wonder how many candidates we have who like running for office but apparently have no desire to learn even basic election procedures.


To again scratch a pet peeve of mine. I would just like to point out once gain that if the opposition were serious in proving fraud in the last Presidential election, all they have to do is to physically tally the precinct level election returns they received and compare the results with the national tally. They have not done it. Either they are really lazy or they have pre-judged the case and have no intention of being proved wrong.

Barfly Music Video

Music Video of my classmate's band, their album is coming out soon.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Joker, Edong or Tito Sen?

From Manuel L. Quezon III: The Daily Dose - Final push:
"The polling firm has declared ten candidates in the “safe” zone: Legarda, Villar, Escudero, Pangilinan, Lacson, Aquino, Recto, Cayetano, Zubiri and Honasan. Which means much of the excitement in the canvassing will focus on the prospects of Edgardo Angara, Joker Arroyo, and Vicente Sotto III. Those who come after them in the rankings seem to face insurmountable odds: no candidate, SWS says, in the past three elections, has been able to overcome a “statistically significant” lead by their closest opponent. Which I suppose means that only candidates who have scores plus or minus three points compared to Joker Arroyo, in 12th place in the survey, are still in the fight."
"Even if we assume a command vote situation, the dilemma the administration provincial forces will be facing is: of the bottom three, Joker, Angara, and Sotto, all are administration candidates but one will end up losing. What makes it tougher is that as the campaign comes to an end, all three were proving droopy in the surveys, Joker particularly so (recall the scuttlebutt I heard during the taping of GMA7’s “Isang Tanong”? Joker had decided not to show up, because they sensed the coming survey results and decided to have an emergency meeting, instead, because of concerns he’d now be a ripe target for “junking,” precisely by the administration machinery). For example, it might be a better investment all around to junk Joker and attempt to pull off an electoral miracle by squeezing in Defensor (it could be passed off as divine providence, courtesy of El Shaddai and the Iglesia)."
I've already decided to vote for Joker Arroyo, the survey result, and the possibility of junking just strengthened my resolve. Come on, would you really rather have Tito Sotto, Ed Angara or Mike Defensor as Senator rather than Joker Arroyo?

10 signs that you are a pervert

Are you a pervert? You might be one and not even know it. This top 10 list clears it up for you.

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The Makati Tragedy

Atty. Teddy Te on Mayor Binay's Suspension
"The tragedy of this all is that Emperor Binay (and his successors in waiting: his wife, his son and his daughter; if Teddy Boy Locsin didn't still have one term left, Binay's other daughter might have run for the 2d congressional seat) now milks his 'underdog' status for all that it is worth and any real issue of corruption against Binay is now swept under the rug, so to speak--waiting to be resurrected during the next election."

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Black Mark on UP

I was reading the PCIJ story on Mayor Robredo and I came upon this
"Two of the commissioners who ruled against against him in the quo warranto case, he says, have close ties to Luis Villafuerte — Brawner, a law classmate at the University of the Philippines, and Ferrer, a former law office partner."
A COMELEC Commissioner and a graduate of the University of the Philippines ruled that a person who has lived all his life in the Philippines, whose parents lived all their lives in the Philippines, is not a Filipino. Wow!

Conspiracy Theories

from xkcd via denialism blog

The Moon Landing Conspiracy, in case you have not read it before. From Bad Astronomy

PZ Myers on morons

Pharyngula: There are no marching morons

I watched Idiocracy and enjoyed it. But I was uncomfortable with the premise though I didn't really know why. Now Dr. PZ Myers wrote a post that made me realize why I was so uncomfortable with the premise of the movie.
...the primary plot point of the movie Idiocracy. It's also the premise behind eugenics and behind a lot of right-wing phony elitism. It's wrong. It was a very popular story, but the reason isn't complimentary: it fed into a strain of self-serving smugness in science-fiction fandom, the idea that people who read SF are special and brilliant and superior, we are the technological geniuses and far-seeing futurists, while the mundanes leech off our vision. The eugenics movement built on the same us-vs.-them mentality, that there are superiors and inferiors, and the inferiors breed like cockroaches.
Of course in the Philippines, there's evidence that the morons have become a breeding population and running/ruining the country. :)