Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dirty Harry is Back

From Eleksyon 2007 -

The reason Sen. Lim barged into the HQ of Mayoral candidate Atienza yesterday was because of:
...valid reports from his men who allegedly saw teachers going in and out of the establishment. He claimed it was possible that the teachers carrying legitimate ERs swapped it for fake ones inside the office, were given money and later proceeded to the canvassing area to surrender the fake ERs.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, Dirty Harry is back as Manila Mayor, and he did not need to be proclaimed to violate somebody's right to the presumption of innocence. His men told him that cheating is being done in the HQ, well unless proven otherwise, cheating is being done there, even if he found no proof.
The search did yield election returns, although an examination conducted by Commission on Elections officer Jovencio Balanquit—who also rushed to the scene—showed that these were legitimate copies given to the dominant majority political party, Lakas CMD.
I sure am glad I don't live in Manila.

Update 5/18/2007

Ali Atienza concedes.

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