Friday, May 18, 2007

From the Stupid Quote Department

From Eleksyon 2007 -
"Ocampo said, “If they had the machinery, why was it only concentrated in Maguindanao? How come they did not achieve 12-0 anywhere else?”"
Maybe their machinery only worked in Maguindanao? How stupid is this quote, did the PDI misquote him? Did they quote him out of context?

From the same article:
"Santiago said reports that voters in Maguindanao had voted straight Team Unity in the senatorial race were “unbelievable, unless they resorted to massive vote-buying.”
TUTA may have resorted to massive vote-buying, but can people please stop accusing each other of massive cheating without any shred of proof. For example, Bayan Muna complained that:
The 273 votes cast for Anakpawis in Colombio town, Sultan Kudarat province, were reduced to zero during the provincial canvass, according to Anakpawis party-list Rep. Rafael Mariano.
Can't they produce their tallies that prove this? If they have watchers, then the watchers should have recorded the results in raw form. If they were smart, they would have asked the BEI to sign their tallies. If they can produce this tallies with the BEI signature, then we have some evidence. If they do not have watchers, they can ask the Dominant Minority party access to their official 5th copy of Election Returns or NAMFREL for their 6th copy and tabulate from there. How is this significantly more difficult than just mouthing off?

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