Monday, July 24, 2006

In other news

This story on the one laptop per child project by the Sun.Star Cebu was carried by both groklaw and digg. I wish I knew who wrote this piece so I can congratulate him/her. Landing your piece in the front page of digg is huge, and being carried by groklaw is not a small matter either.
"Countries which will initially receive the laptops are China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria and Thailand... The $100-laptops, which are designed for rough usage, will be Linux-based and have a 500 MHz processor, a 128MB of DRAM, and a 500MB flash memory."
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Little Sister is Watching

V for Vendetta pinoy style (galing sa e-mail, hindi ako ang gumawa)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Linux for Mothers

Been swamped with work for the last 3 weeks but I just can't pass up this post from village idiot savant.

Let us just hope the rest of the Philippines but specially the government sector can follow Dominique and his mom in using Linux and other open source applications.

By the way, his post was also carried by