Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Books

Discovered this site, where one can list the books one owns. Not yet finished listing all my books, hopefully this page will automatically update itself.


Anonymous said...

Shelfari looks interesting. I'll have to stop by!

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

One problem I discovered is that shelfari can only display the cover of popular books. With less popular books you get a generic blank cover.

It says in the faq that they are working on a way for the users to upload their own cover. I'm waiting for that feature before I list my less popular books.

Jericomanyak said...

Master roy ! i see that you have listed "The Story of O" in your shelfari database. What an excellent read ! I remember borrowing it from you and it changed my outlook on sexuality and taboo. It got me deeper into exploring my predilection for S&M and have since made it my life long quest to re-enact my favorite scenes in the book particularly those involving mutilation and torture. To this end, i have secured an illustrated version of the Story of O as rendered by Milo Manara. I will gladly lend you my copy so that you too can savor the more graphic details.

awaiting your command,
slave jerico

Jericomanyak said...

and that book on naked children ....makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable, i wish i were as strong as you but then that is why you are my master !

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

Kailangan mo ring i-broaden ang iyong horizon, nasa bookshelf ko rin ang Wind in the Willows, baka gusto mo ring basahin iyon. :)