Tuesday, February 20, 2007

AKBAYAN for Partylist


Because Trapo Politics is Boring...

We are sick and tired of the recurring
lies, corruption and shady dealings.
We are already exhausted with the
monotony of cheating practiced by
consummate TRAPOs.

What we want is the excitement of honest
governance and accountability. What we want is
the thrill of meaningful change.

A vote for AKBAYAN is a vote for a
program-based political party gathering
its strength from an involved citizenry.

A vote for AKBAYAN is a vote against
politics, which so characterizes
Philippine politics.

A vote for AKBAYAN will greatly
contribute in breaking the hold of
traditional politicians and the few
powerful who use the government to
advance their vested interests.

Do we need to say more?
Because TRAPO Politics is boring...

- Emmanuel Hizon

Sunday, February 04, 2007

This too shall pass...

From The Curious Capitalist - Justin Fox talking about Microsoft in the 90's.
"Trends don't continue forever. Dominant businesses don't stay dominant forever (except maybe Exxon Mobil). The world is a charmingly (and sometimes not so charmingly) unpredictable place. Which means, of course, that Microsoft could become scary again any day now."
Just to remind us that the old saying that "nothing lasts forever" is true. Which may be cold comfort for every Filipino who is wondering whether politics in the Philippines will change for the better, at least in their lifetime.