Sunday, February 04, 2007

This too shall pass...

From The Curious Capitalist - Justin Fox talking about Microsoft in the 90's.
"Trends don't continue forever. Dominant businesses don't stay dominant forever (except maybe Exxon Mobil). The world is a charmingly (and sometimes not so charmingly) unpredictable place. Which means, of course, that Microsoft could become scary again any day now."
Just to remind us that the old saying that "nothing lasts forever" is true. Which may be cold comfort for every Filipino who is wondering whether politics in the Philippines will change for the better, at least in their lifetime.


Sef said...

A dash of hope is what we need...

Bonn Juego said...

Hi Roy,

Justin Fox's statement sounds good, but makes no sense at all. First, there's no such thing as 'forever'. And second, of course (!), it is 'known' that the world is 'unpredictable'.

By the way, according to the innovation theorist Carlota Perez, a predictable pattern can be identified in the evolution of technological innovations and finance since capitalism emerged out of the First Industrial Revolution. Do check out her ideas scattered in the net.

So why has capitalism thrived and survived despite its inherent contradictions, recurrent crises, and the conflicts it provokes? I think that the Schumpeterian sensibility of 'creative destruction' could best understand the dynamics of capitalism, especially as regards business cycles, technological innovations, and finance. In addition, there's an institutional rationale and bases for its endurance.

And as for Fox's reminder that it could be 'cold comfort' for every Filipino; we actually need a jolt to awaken us from complacency. Here, let's be reminded by Marx: people make history!

But as Carlota Perez wrote to me in an email:

'One cannot transform the world by "revealing" how awful it is and by wishing it were radically different. The world is transformed by transforming it. And to transform anything one has to know how.'

This consciousness in advancing social change is what is needed to be instilled in every hopeful Filipino.

Bonn Juego

roy choco said...

Hi Sef,

long time no hear, :) sana we can look forward to less hope an more concrete actions from our politicians in the (near) future.

Hi Bonn, salamat sa pagbasa mo nitong blog ko. Subukan ko na basahin yung mga recommendations mo.

I don't think Filipinos are complacent, I think it's more of burn-out, and more revolutionary consciousness raising will not work at this time. I think that this time. Our people need the prospect of hope that we will emerge from this nightmare political situation where nobody knows who the opposition and the administration anymore, where plain demagoguery (escudero and cayetano to name two) can elect you to the senate.

Of course I do not mean that we should give up, sabi nga ni Gramsci, minsan tayo ay nasa war of movements, minsan nasa war of positions, ngayon ang pagtingin ko, nasa war of positions tayo kung saan kailangan natin munang mag ipon ng lakas para sa susuno na war of movement.