Thursday, January 25, 2007

Free Software Bootcamp

I've been encouraging friends in the civil society movement to switch to free software for a while now. I believe that the philosophy of free software mesh with the pricnciples and philosophy of the civil society movement in the Philippines. I've always thought that I am not alone in this thinking. Bayan Muna's advocacy of Free software use in government convinced me that civil society is moving in this direction.

Now the Computer Professional's Union is organizing a Free Software Boot Camp for grassroots organization. They aim to familiarize/introduce free software that will help grassroots organizations in fulfilling their visions/missions.

To end this post, I want to quote the CPU
"Free software development is much like the advocacy work of most people’s organizations in their encouragement of community involvement in its development. While technical persons are recruited as volunteers for the core development, end users are encourage to send feedbacks on the usability, functions and other aspects of the said free software. As a result, the whole software is acknowledge to be owned not by a single person but by the community that contributed to it.

Free software and people's organizations are both born with the aims for freedom. Free software upholds the freedom from monopoly restrictions by allowing users to run, copy, study, and modify its implementation. People's organizations, on the other hand, are advocates of genuine freedom from monopoly interests, and all types of repression and exploitation.

The Free Software bootcamp aims primarily to introduce the various free software/programs that may be of practical use for people’s organizations in their advocacy and other tasks . If properly implemented, this can greatly help these organizations with their different tasks. Morever, the inherent stability and security of free software programs can reduce the risk of viruses, malicious programs and other intrusions.

The bootcamp is designed with an overview on the use of the Internet and its possibilities for grassroots work. Hands-on demonstrations of computer operating systems and website development software will be the main activity of the Free Software bootcamp. It may also be a venue for geeks, computer techies and hobbyists to get to know of people’s organizations and their work."

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