Friday, March 10, 2006

Primary Sources

I am morphing this page to link to primary materials relevant to current Philippine issues.

Update March 9, 2011 to insert full text of House Bill 4244 or the RH Bill

Updated September 12, 2007 to include a link to the Sandiganbayan decision on the plunder charge against former President Joseph Estrada and the full text of the plunder law from the Philippine e-Legal Forum

Some other links you may find will help you in understanding PP 1017 better.

Ruling on Sanlakas v Reyes - this is the ruling where the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of GMA's declaration of a State of Rebellion because of the Oakwood munity.
Separate opinion of Justice Panganiban
Separate opinion of Justice Ynares
Dissenting opinion of Justice Sandoval

For some legal opinions

From Congressman Edcel Lagman - here and here
From the blog of Atty. Teddy Te

Supreme Court Decisions

PP 1017
Calibrated Preemptive Response
E.O. 464

And you can find up to date commmentary on the current political situation with the blogs under pinoy issues.


I think the Supreme Court has a great site, except there's no search button. You have to know the exact case you are looking for, which may be ok for lawyers but is not as good for laymen who grew up using google.

Of course, one can always use google's site search function, but not everybody knows how to use it.

Update: The Supreme Court has revamped its website and it is now much easier to use.

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