Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Links

I give up, I freely admit that I am a political junkie, I was political science major, what else can I be. I write a lot about politicas and the Philippines and most people visit looking for information on the lates political happenings.

To help them I have provided links to the major dailies in the Philippines and some of the better political pundits.

Akbayan - because this is the political party that I support

PCIJ Blog - has been linked to sincevery early and is still the best source of up to date news and commentary on Phlippine issues. They are superior to the newspapers because they actually have an archive while our online papers do not.

Conrado de Quiros - is one of the best writers know. This blog seems to be a repository of his columns in the PDI.

Ye Olde Philippine Commentary - is a blog by Dean Jorge Bocobo, I used to read him when he still wrote for the inquirer and liked his style.

Manuel L. Quezon III - I also used to read him even when he was still writing for I think either the Globe or Today, he now writes for the Inquirer.

Freedom Watch - is a blog by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility which makes it self explanatory.

Alternation - is Sef's blog , he also deals with media issues.

Reading the news and this writers will give visitors a better understanding of what is happening in the Philippines.

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