Thursday, March 02, 2006

Building Democracy

Most Filipinos today are preoccupied with what the administration of President Arroyo is doing. People are concerned that her various actions are actually in preparation for a declaration of Martial Law.

Me, I focus more with what people are doing.

With the people who are falling all over themselves to petition the Supreme Court to declare Proclamation 1017 as unconstitutional.

With Ms. NiƱez Cacho-Olivarez and the Daily Tribune who despite police presence in their offices still publishes unfavorable opinions and news against the government. In fact, the whole Philippine media establishment, despite closure threats from government has discernibly not been more docile.

With the thousands of people who bravely disregard the no-rally policy from the government risking arrest and imprisonment doing so.

With the multitude of Filipinos who through the internet, letters to the editor, television interviews and other venues constantly remind the government that they are disagree with the government's action.

We are not under Martial Law. And I believe that we will never happen again because we have people willing to build democracy.

Thomas Jefferson once said
"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
our experience with Marcos and Martial law has taught us that lesson only too painfully.

Never Again.

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