Sunday, March 19, 2006

Undeclared Martial Law

Just read the column of former Supreme Court Justice Isagani Cruz and it is his opinion that
"the most malignant problem of the country at present is the enforcement of martial law without the observance of the requirements of Art. VII, Sec. 18 of the Constitution. Among these are that it can be imposed only in case of rebellion or invasion, must be formally reported by the President to Congress within 48 hours and can last for only 60 days unless revoked or extended by it. The Constitution and the privilege of habeas corpus are not suspended, legislative assemblies cannot be abolished, functioning civil courts cannot be replaced by military tribunals, and persons arrested for rebellion or crimes connected with invasion must be released if not judicially charged within three days. And the Supreme Court cannot dismiss any challenge to martial law as a political question and must decide the case within 30 days."
Yet as befitting a former member of the Supreme Court, Justice Cruz still
"await the judgment of the Supreme Court on the challenged acts of Ms Arroyo as the officially proclaimed but statistically suspect President of the Philippines. Will she be upheld as a benevolent despot or denounced as a malevolent tyrant? Whatever be its verdict, let us hope it will be soon."
I also hope the Supreme Court decides soon, and I especially hope the Supreme Court will rule on the side of democracy.

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