Sunday, March 05, 2006

Random Ramblings on the SoE

The State of Emergency was lifted by President Arroyo last Friday but I just want to get some things off my chest.

1. Was it only me that found it ironic (historically speaking) that the marines were holed up in Fort Bonifacio while the Amy was in Camp Aguinaldo?

2. Has President Aquino lost her mind agreeing to cooperate with Imee Marcos? Never in my wildest dreams have I ever anticipated this. Somebody tell her this is a bad move!!!!!! Please!!!!
I think the PDI had it right when they wrote
"PRESIDENT Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo should give Rep. Imee Marcos and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada a medal. Every time public passions run high, the outrage begins to deflate the moment the two of them appear on the scene. They are living antidotes to People Power."
3. Atty Connie Veneracion, writing on the SOE wrote
"In constitutional law, a valid exercise of police power must pass the clear and present danger test."
She continues
"PP 1017 is based on one thing and one thing only—the alleged existence of a coup plot that threatens to overthrow the Arroyo administration."
So I was looking forward to an analysis whether the Philippine situation passed or failed that test, whether the mere allegation of a coup plot passes this test. But she goes completely off tangent discussing whether
“administration” synonymous with “state”
proving they are not synonymous, her conclusion becomes
"To be sure, it is not the agenda of the alleged attempted coup to abolish all existing socio-economic institutions to effect a more equitable distribution of wealth and resources. There is likewise no intention to equitably distribute political power to create a genuinely representative government. Therefore, there is no clear and present danger against the state as it exists, as undemocratic as it may be. Since administration is not synonymous with state and that there is no clear and present danger against the state, then PP 1017 must be an invalid exercise of police power."
From her conclusion, even if the coup plotters were killing and raping people in the streets as long as they have no intention to abolish all existing socio-economic institutions etc... then there is no clear and present danger against the state. Which is an absurd conclusion.

4. Finally, a quote from Ms. Winnie Monsod
"the spirit of Edsa People Power is not dead, as some people say, perhaps to excuse their inability to mobilize a critical mass in the streets. It is very much alive -- not in those with self-serving agendas or who think of it in the narrow sense of street protests -- but in the quiet heroes engaged in the noble task of nation-building, especially in their own communities, who exercise people power as an instrument to make a better life for themselves, like the parents who work with local officials to improve the education of their children (i.e., Synergeia, about which I have often written), or who make sure that their local officials are accountable for the internal revenue allotments, or who strive to make the justice system work in their "barangay" [villages or neighborhood districts], or who even resort to the recall of non-performing local officials, or who resist projects that endanger their environment.

There are other manifestations of people power at a broader level. Like the private initiative, Gawad Kalinga, that is so purely unselfish in spirit that it has drawn countless people to help build not only homes but thriving communities for the underprivileged. Like government officials both low and high (Gem Carague at the Commission on Audit, and Karina David at the Civil Service Commission) who are engaged in institution-building despite the distractions and politicking around them.

Take those who are disappointed with the impeachment proceedings but know that the ultimate sanction in the accountability process in a democracy lies in elections. Hence, they object to the "no-el" [no-election] scenario and advocate truly credible elections in 2007. A Congress with a different composition can pursue the "closure" of the issue of national leadership.

There are thousands more like them around the country. This year I am celebrating Edsa People Power with them, because of them, for keeping the flame of Edsa People Power alive for all of us."


Sef said...

I am beginning to wonder... perhaps Imee and Jinggoy are working for PGMA?

roy choco said...

I will not be surprised if Imee works for GMA. I still remember the time when she was conveniently out of town during the voting for impeachment.