Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Imelda Marcos Jr.

Yesterday, Congresswoman Imee Marcos revealed the reason why she skipped out of the country during the voting on whether the House of Representatives should adopt the Justice Committee report that dismisses the impeachment complaint against President Macapagal-Arroyo. According to Congresswoman Marcos
"Mas matindi and nanay ko sa 51 na bumoto. Mas maigi na umiwas na lang ako," (from the The Philippine Star)
She is basically saying that she did not want to argue with her mother, who supports President Arroyo, so she skipped so she would not have to vote. Her actions that day indicates, to me, her true attitude regarding cheating in Philippine elections.

Before the voting she was one of the point persons of the opposition taking up television airtime and newpaper columns to criticize President Arroyo, yet, when push comes to shove, she would rather not argue wth her mother rather than take a stand on her "principles".

Her action tells me that her criticisms were posturings to get her face on the news. I hope people remember this fact when Imee Marcos runs again and not vote for her.

Random Shorts

I forgot to to mention that the Statment of Unity I posted on September 5 was from the blog of Manuel L. Quezon III

Newspapers today carried the story of Gwen Aguilar, who has apparently been accused by the Singaporean government of killing another Filipina. The newspaper stories are sober compared to the television news stories which are more emotional. I hope the Philippine media will not fan hysteria just so they can get higher ratings or readership.

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