Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Longest thread

I'm an occasional blogger. No one except my friends and relatives semi-regularly visit this blog. My one claim to semi-fame was my writing to the Manila Times when they asserted that Dr. Escultura disproved Andrew Wiles proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

An out shoot of this dispute with the Manila Times and Dr. Escultura was my creating the Salenga Award to honor those exemplary Filipinos who contributed to the development of Filipino's interest in science through the propagation of their crackpot theories.

Dr. Escultura is the first and only recipient of the award so far. Little do i know that the small post twitting Dr. Escultura will grow to have the longest comment thread in my little blog. Not only has Dr. Escultura visited to yet again spout his theories but (if you believe the writer) Salenga himself has deemed it proper to grace the blog with his presence.

I feel so honored.


Since i'm writing about Dr. Escultura, I would like to point out that he also left a comment to a long buried post where I quoted and agreed with a column by Alex Magno. In his comment, it seemed that Dr. Escultura mistook Alex Magno for Alecks Pabico. I think Dr. Escultura needs medical attention.