Tuesday, May 15, 2007


From Eleksyon 2007 - INQUIRER.net

Manila Mayoralty candidate Alfredo Lim barged inside an election headquarter of his opponent Ali Atienza because they received reports that Mr. Atienza's camp will use the 4th copy of the Election returns, given to them by the COMELEC as the Dominant Majority party, for Election fraud.

This is not General Lim's first attempt to run for office. He was elected as Manila Mayor and ran for President. Yet, he does not know that Official copies of Election Returns are given to the Dominant Majority party and the Dominant Minority party? This is just sad.

I wonder how many candidates we have who like running for office but apparently have no desire to learn even basic election procedures.


To again scratch a pet peeve of mine. I would just like to point out once gain that if the opposition were serious in proving fraud in the last Presidential election, all they have to do is to physically tally the precinct level election returns they received and compare the results with the national tally. They have not done it. Either they are really lazy or they have pre-judged the case and have no intention of being proved wrong.

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