Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Binay the bully

Read this defense of Mayor Binays action by his information person, Joey Salgado.

and just had to react

Dear Mr. Salgado,

The problem with the Nov. 30 incident is not the altercation between the guards and the Mayor. That is a byproduct of the larger issue, that of Mayor Binay thinking that he should be able to enter or exit anywhere he pleases.

If Mayor Binay accepted the guards assertion that it was not possible for him to exit that gate, and exited where possible, then this incident would have ended without any negative publicity to him.

But no, he had to put pressure on the guards to let him exit through that gate because he is the Mayor. Even if, as you assert that he was not arrogant in his demeanor when he asked the guards to let him pass, the action itself points to a mindset that is self absorbed.

He was only thinking of his situation, not the guards. It was the subdivision's policy to not let vehicles exit that gate at that hour. The guards were only implementing the policy, they had no discretion in the matter. The ones who had discretion, the people who can give exception to that policy and let him exit from that gate is the homeowner's association.

If the Mayor really wanted to exit from that gate, then he should have contacted the HOA and asked them to instruct the guards to let him exit from that gate. In your explanation, there was no mention of him trying to contact the HOA.

What he was actually doing was trying to bully the guards to let him exit that gate because he was the Mayor. The altercation with the guards and their subsequent invitation to the police station was just a continuation of the bullying when his initial action went unheeded.

In short, he was being a cry baby who wanted get his own way no matter what.

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