Monday, March 21, 2005

BBC - Science & Nature - Horizon - Homeopathy: The Test

BBC - Science & Nature - Horizon - Homeopathy: The Test

Seeing that the article about 13 things that do not make sense has homeopathy (4th thing that does not make sense) seeming to be true, I now give you links to experiments that prove that homeopathy is utter bunk.

This links to a description of a BBC program "Horizon" where they tested homeopathy, with the help of James Randi in setting the protocol.

you can also read more about James Randi in his page

and here are some links on his take on the horizon study

To repeat homeopathy does not work. Do not be deceived


animah said...

well, I have second hand proof that it does work. and that it is absurdly fast to show effects on patients ... but not all people doing homeopathy have the right preparation. it would be close to unbelievable to work that powerfully just as a placebo effect.

the medical establishment and the big pharma will do whatever they can to brainwash people to take their toxic chemicals.

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

How can it be proof if it's second hand? If you do have it, then just present the proof, where is it located?

animah said...

I heard it from a trusted friend. its the same for me.
and he was present in many cases. he and his family have been using homeopathy for some years now with great success.

it even healed his dog from a serious eye injurie without the need for any surgery.

I guess some things, especially when dealing with something as subtle as homeopathy, can't be tested like bbc did ... because even the presence of observers can change the outcome. it's easy for a professional skeptic like randi to do such mistakes. after all, to a man with a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

there's not much money to be made on selling this kind of medicine, and what the "science" doesn't understand needs to be crushed ... the world is full of idiots who think the world as only black and white. globalization and uncontrolled capitalism doesn't help in any way.