Thursday, December 01, 2005

"Random Thoughts"

About half a month ago, a certain nashman wrote a comment on one of my posts. I was curious about this person who came out of the blue so I followed his comment back to his blog. What greeted me was another blog titled "Random Thoughts". It's probably a reflection on the originality of my thoughts that there is at least one other person who named his blog "Random Thoughts". :)

I became curious if there were other blogs named "Random Thoughts" so I searched through google blogsearch. And there were some, and I present them here:
  1. dawn
  2. aaronmyers
  3. Blueprincesa
  5. Shazear
  6. ab_easy
  7. kobijenjo
  8. Sharon
  9. dimpet
  10. Andrew John Poulter
  11. rcstanley
  12. octopusouphut
  13. Rob
  14. Teleri
  15. M
  16. Ranjani and Sathish
  17. Cathy
  18. Tammy
  19. Nancy McKeand
There maybe some more blogs named "Random Thoughts" and if I missed you, I apologize.


UnityFlow said...

Spooky, it's like bumping into your doppleganger.

roy choco said...

yeah, it reminds me of my insignificance in this world :)

Abe said...

Here's a partial match. It's in "The Alliance" so shows up in the corresponding blogroll on my site. There the "Random Thoughts" part wraps to the second line, making it appear to be the whole name (at least in Safari).

P.S. How do you like the "backlink" thingy? I noticed Monica's blog has something new that looks like trackback (or an alternate form). I haven't asked her about it yet, but you might want to check it out.

roy choco said...

I did not include partial matches in the list because I thought it would be too long (I'm lazy that way). I hope to generate a lot of interest in the words random and thought so that I will be victorious in our next googlefight :).

I implemented bloggers backlinks, it's like bloggers version of trackback. It's good in the sense that it searches links to your blog automatically.

The Nashman said...

oh well, it's not pretty random after all.

LewisC said...

Tonight I decided to search for blogs with the same name as mine, Random Thoughts. I guess you know the outcome. ;-)

I'm unique just like everyone else.

The interesting thing to me is how many Random Thoughts there are on blogspot.


roy choco said...

Hi Lewis,

If we aggregate all the random thoughts of all the random thought blogs in the world, will the result be random?

Just a thought :)