Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fantasy NBA Playoff

Finished first in my Yahoo Fantasy Head to Head League and is now in the playoffs. I am leading 8-1 so I am ecstatic. But I am afraid this will be the zenith of my teams achievements so I am posting this now while I am ahead. The scores are very close and I may lose at any moment.

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As you can see of the 9 categories, 5 ( 3pts made, pts made, rebounds, assists, and TO) are very closely contested. I have a comfortable lead in steals but my lead in Blks, FT% and FG% can still be overcome.

My present team consists of

J. Nelson (Orl - PG)
B. Wells (Sac - SG)
G. Arenas (Was - PG)
A. Harrington (Atl - SF,PF)
Ke. Thomas (Sac - PF)
J. Childress (Atl - SG,SF)
J. Foster (Ind - PF,C)
S. Dalembert (Phi - C)
G. Wallace (Cha - SG,SF)
C. Anthony (Den - SF)
J. Terry (Dal - PG)
D. Nowitzki (Dal - PF)
S. Battier (Mem - SF)

While his team is composed of

S. Parker (LAL - PG,SG)
M. Peterson (Tor - SG,SF)
J. Johnson (Atl - PG,SG,SF)
D. Granger (Ind - SF,PF)
A. McDyess (Det - PF)
R. Gomes (Bos - SF,PF)
A. Bogut (Mil - PF,C)
J. Przybilla (Por - C)
S. Nash (Pho - PG)
L. Hughes (Cle - SG)
J. Tinsley (Ind - PG)
B. Diaw (Pho - SG,SF,PF,C)
L. Wright (Mem - C)

If my team does pull through, this will be another surprise in a very surprising season. For most of the year, I did not pay attention to this team because I was busy with my roto team. I was pleasantly surprised that this team finished first, and the credit goes mostly to lady luck.

I did not prepare for the draft and Yahoo auto-drafted for me. I must get credit though for getting Wallace, Nelson, Dalembert and others from the Free Agent pool but the real keys to the winning season are Arenas, Nowitzki and Anthony.

Hope I get as lucky next year.

Update (April 11, 2006)

Won my Playoff match 7-1 and is now starting the championship match.

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