Sunday, April 08, 2007

Apologies from the Dancing Queen

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Politics of ‘sorry’ -, Philippine News for Filipinos

It is an unusual campaign commercial. It begins with someone off camera (a canny stand-in for the general public) asking the question Oreta herself says there is no getting away from: “Bakit ka nag-dancing queen [Why did you act like a dancing queen]?”

She responds, in Filipino: “What I did was a big mistake. I want to ask for forgiveness.” She tearfully expresses remorse for giving offense, and then raises the hope that it is in atoning for our mistakes that we rise above ourselves and become better persons. [“Ngunit siguro sa mga pagkakamali, doon tayo bumabangon.”]
I have not watched a commercial for some months now so this is the first time I heard about this and I agree with the Inquirer's editorial take. For what it's worth, I thought she did a good job as the Representative for Malabon-Navotas (where I hail form) and was not unsatisfied with her performance in the Senate until the whole Estrada brouhaha. I would certainly re-evaluate my decision not to vote for her because of this, and if this is my only reservation against her, I might change my mind, but there is this whole crossing from the Estrada camp to the Gloria camp (among others) to figure out.

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