Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moral Relativism

I like this quote, the whole article is worth reading too.

Aisha and Humanity - Kemstone - Open Salon:
"I once considered myself a moral relativist, but not anymore. Just because something is accepted in another culture does not make it right. There is a certain amount of happiness and suffering brought about by every action, and certain actions cause a degree of suffering so great that the scale could never be balanced. Aisha’s death was so horrible that no amount of satisfaction on the part of the executioners or spectators who felt that justice had been served could outweigh it. This is as black-and-white as it comes. No matter what culture or time period you’re talking about, this kind of thing is plain wrong."

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oskiton said...

What moral relativism? It just does not exist and it should never be allowed to exist!

What it amounts to is the appearance of SELFISHNESS, SELF-CENTEREDNESS, EVIL, WICKEDNESS, AND SINFULNESS - among men!

The problem of moral relativism emanated when men decided upon himself to get away from the standard, will, and law of the Creator (unless they believe that they came from simians).

What is wrong, immoral, illegal, gross, sinful, evil, and bad for someone is also the same for others. It is so simple. Take away the right of men to do with whatever he wants to do and we have a universal value - and perhaps, that would be the time everyone would agree that what is left is the ideal that everyone should live for while in this temporal life!