Thursday, December 08, 2011

Catholic church is for equality, unless you're gay

or a woman.  

CBCP wants anti-discrimination bill cleansed of provisions on gay rights
"Ronald Reyes, a lawyer of the CBCP, said they had no qualms about the bill before but became concerned when the bill was amended and “sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity” were included.

“It’s opening the door for same sex marriages, which our country doesn’t allow,” Reyes told reporters."
 Which is a stupid thing to say, since if you are correct and this bill allows gay marriage, then you're argument that the country does not allow gay marriage is moot.

And of course Atty. Imbong, has to speak up too
"Another CBCP lawyer Jo Imbong said the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender) should not be considered the same as the elderly, the handicapped, and the poor."
Because of course gays are not people like the elderly, the handicapped and the poor.  What about elderly, handicapped or poor gays?  Would people be allowed to discriminate against them too?  But no,  for Atty Imbong, people should be allowed to discriminate against gays because
"“These people are disadvantaged not by their own choice. But the third sex, they choose this. How can you give protection to a choice like that?” Imbong said."
Which of course would mean that Atty. Imbong is pushing for the removal of religion from among those protected by the bill since people also choose their own religion.  Right?  Right Atty. Imbong?  But in the end, Atty. Imbong goes to the heart of their objection to the bill.  It's because the Catholic church want to discriminate against people they don't like.
"The bill would hinder the Church from teaching what it believed to be right or wrong, Imbong said."
It's fun pointing out the hypocrisy of the CBCP,  but as I tried to research more on this subject,  I found out some disturbing news. 
  1. I can't find a copy of the bill, the closes one is the one filed by Sen. Legarda without the amendments approved by the Senate that are being objected to by the CBCP.
  2. But in her sponsorship speech in the Senate, Sen. Legards had this example as a punishable act under the bill.
    "To give teeth to this measure, a person who is found guilty--for instance, of the act of a media personality using the name of an ethnic group in a joke for a television program--shall serve between nine months and twelve years in prison, and/or will be obliged to pay between Php100,000 to Php500,000."
    This is patently an anti freedom of expression law.  I can understand prohibiting discrimination when it comes to employment opportunities, but jokes?
  3. Also from the sponsorship speech is this little gem.
    "We must strive to transform our society into an open-minded and sensitive community where no child is subjected to name-calling because of his distinct looks;"
    WTF,  how do you even think you can do this?

Maybe it's just Loren Legarda,  maybe the Supreme Court will strike down this patently anti-speech provision in the law if it ever comes to pass.  But as it is, I have this suspicion that this bill, if it becomes law, will only be used by religious bigots like Atty. Imbong to crackdown on the critics of the catholic church.


The Nashman said...

ngayong nakisawsaw na si Hillary Clinton

tiyak kakampi nanaman si Harvard seminar attendee Tito Sotto at sasabihing ito ay neo-imperialism.

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

Ang nakakatawa, bumoto si Tito Sen para sa Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), kasi ayon sa kanyang Wikipedia entry, siya ay isang "pragmatic nationalist who envisions a country free from the dictates of violence and internal threats". So kung sa tingin niya makakabuti sa Pilipinas at mga Pilipino, maski na makakabuti rin sa mga Amerikano, payag siya.

Pero di niya maisip na yung mga sumusuporta sa RH bill at sa karapatang pantao ng mga bakla, sinusuportahan natin ito dahil sa makakabuti ito sa Pilipinas at sa Pilipino. Yung pagsuporta ng mga kano sa isyu na ito ay nagkataon lamang. Kung tutol ang mga kano sa mga isyu na ito, isusulong pa rin nating ito.