Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Updates on EEE

The Manila Times seem to have given up on answering questions on why they did not verify the press release of EEEscultura. To redirect the attention of the public, they have given EEE space in their paper to spout on his theories. EEE has now penned a letter to the editor and reiterated most of the points in the letter in his column. They have some interesting discussions on this topic at the comments section of Alecks Pabico's blog at the PCIJ.

I think that we have reached the end of this story, the Manila Times is unwilling to admit to their journalistic mistake and EEE has been insisting on his refutation of Andrew Wiles proof of Fermat's last theorem since at least 1998.

I just hope people will be remember, not everything you read is true.

Update on an update

If you want a comprehensive coverage of this issue, you might want to go over to the dontletmestopyou,blog by abe, his latest writing on this issue is here


E. E. Escultura said...

This comment missed the issue altogether and focuses on the rumors, hearsay and hallucintations. The Manial Times articloe is quite categorical:

UP Man Poves Princeton Man Wrong,

and proceeds to list the publications in renowed refereed international scientific journals where this feat is accomplished. The counterexamples to FLT that prove Wiles wrong and FLT false are posted in the Digital Mercenary website. The partial list of publications where this feat is accomplished and the applications is also posted there.

E. E. Escultura

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