Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Anti-Terrorism bill

The joint committees on justice and foreign affairs approved for plenary discussion an Anti-terrorism bill.

While I agree with
Interior Secretary Angelo Reyes that "terrorism has replaced a communist insurgency as the top threat to national security". The news reports on some provisions contained in the proposed bill bothers me. But since I have not read the bill personally, I would suspend judgement. I hope the PCIJ blog, the best resource for source documents regarding recent events will upload a copy of the bill shortly. The website of the House of Representatives does not have a copy available.

Update Oct. 10, 2005

Mr. Alecks Pabico pf the PCIJ has written a very comprehensive article on the proposed anti-terrorism bill. He has also uploaded a copy of the proposed bill if anyone wants to read it.


alecks pabico said...

I blogged about the approval of the anti-terror bill by the joint House committees on justice and foreign affairs two days ago. You can download the September 28 draft of the bill here.

roy choco said...

Thanks Alecks,

I knew I can count on you guys a the PCIJ