Thursday, November 17, 2005

Civ Players of the World Unite

You have nothing to lose but your chains. Take control of your life, re-learn to breath fresh air again, go see the sunset. Throw off the chains that Civilization had shackled you.

Join the Civilization Anonymous , a group of people who are bonded together in order to help each other in the difficult journey of weaning themselves from Civilization.

If you are still unsure of yourself, read how the members of the group have been helped:
"It was the Industrial Age that finally did me in. I was into the hard stuff, man: electronics, combustion, motorized transportation. I'd play for days at a time without ever getting up. I looked bad. Smelled bad. After one 3-day bender I was so rank that my ferrets suddenly passed out in their cage. Seriously, by the time my friends dragged me to a CivAnon meeting, I could have knocked a buzzard off a crap-wagon. Thank you, CivAnon...I finally have my life back-and my ferrets have made a recovery that was nothing short of miraculous."
"I've been attending CivAnon meetings for approximately 18 months now. Partly because I began to get a perverse thrill out of wiping out entire civilizations with atomic intercontinental ballistic weaponry, and partly because they serve cake at the meetings. I like to kill, that's true. But I like cake even more."
I will let Dr. Pullman have the final word.
"Fellow civilization addicts, you are not alone. And thankfully, there is help. Once you have admitted your addiction to yourself, enroll in CivAnon ASAP. You won't stop playing until you want to stop playing."


the martian said...
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the martian said...

thanks for the info pre. nainspire tuloy akong ireinstall ang civ III ko. hayun, dalawang gabi ko nang pinagpupuyatan ang japanese empire ko. okay pa naman development ko so far. just had my golden age. at nabura ko na sa mundo ang france at india. china na ang susunod. got england as an ally. hinatak ni queen elizabeth ang romans, russians at germans. kaya world war kami ngayon.

Abe said...

There's a website for internet addiction. Think about that one.