Sunday, March 04, 2007


from MLQ3's blog
"WTF Department: Danton Remoto, according to an interview he had with Twink Macaraig, didn’t file his candidacy for senator. So he can’t run for senator. And the Comelec has rejected Ang Ladlad’s bid for party list accreditation. Which leaves Danton mulling over running for congressman in the 3rd congressional district of Quezon City. So that leaves me and faithful reader of this blog in the lurch, doesn’t it? Neither of us can vote for Remoto for senator. Which leaves me back to voting for Kiko Pangilinan, I guess…"
And I was glad Danton Remoto was running for the senate because that is the only way I can vote for him.

Update (3/5/2007)

It seems that Mr. Danton Remoto did file his certificate of candidacy with the COMELEC on time. Only the COMELEC disqualified him for being a nuisance candidate.

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