Monday, March 03, 2008

My Irony Meter just Exploded

Honasan cautions anti-Arroyo forces on seeking military help

"Sen. Gringo Honasan said: "The most important thing to do is that we should not divide the military. Do not expect the military and the police to abandon entirely the administration. If you do get some faction, you will divide the only legally armed group in our society.''

Honasan was bothered by how leaders of protest rallies had been irresponsibly calling for the military to initiate a third People Power.

"To those inciting the military, are you wiling to take responsibility in case of an armed confrontation? If it becomes bloody, whether we like it or not, are you all going to stand in the front lines for your beliefs at all cost to find for the truth,'' said Honasan.

Honasan said the military factor was the reason why he chose to remain quiet whenever asked to comment on calls for the President to resign. "I'm not hastening to make any decision whether for or against because I am not ready to take responsibility for what I will say. What if they misinterpret me again?" he said."

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