Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Playboy Hits Philippines

Playboy Magazine will debut in the Philippines and in the tradition of Playboy Indonesia, will not feature "frontal" nudity. Playboy magazine will actually be competing with FHM Phils., Maxim Phils., et. al. in featuring "tasteful nudity" for Filipinos.

The magazine that helped create the sexual revolution in the US will not even be breaking new ground in the Philippines, it will be following in the footsteps of FHM Philippines. Even so, there are people like Manoling Morato who object to the publication of Playboy in the Philippines. They have not seen it's content, God knows if they will ever deign to read it, but they deem it morally decadent. The name itself seems to set them off.

All in all, if the only thing Playboy Philippines does is annoy the (de)moralizing, narrow minded, stiff necked, conservative sector our society, then it has done a good thing.

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