Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catholic Exceptionalism 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about this guy who argued that the RH bill pending in Congress is "meddling of the State in matters of faith and morals, interference of the State in affairs of the family—the domestic church", nevermind that, even if the RH bill is passed into law, all Catholic's will still be free to follow their conscience and not use any contraceptive.

But just 2 days ago a catholic bishop was asking government to stop ceremonial marriages performed by a church in Baguio. According the the Philippine Daily Inquirer
 "a Catholic prelate called on the government, on Sunday, to take action against same-sex marriages happening in the country as such matrimonies violated the law."
Nevermind that the marriages were ceremonial and not recognized by government,  nevermind that the ceremonies were performed not by catholic priests.  The bishop wants to meddle in matters of faith and morals of other people.

It seems that catholics can not bear it if their dogma is criticized but is able and willing to criticize others for their moral choices, even if that choice does not harm anybody else.


cordilleragod said...

and today i saw teodoro bacani proselytizing on tv.

nevermind that he was accused of sexual harassment by a female staffer...and instead of being investigated and charged criminally, he was sent by the vatican to a safehouse in the usa.

now he's back, shameless and blameless. what an asshole.

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

According to this story, the Vatican cleared Bishop Bacani of the sexual harassment charges.

The Vatican believed that "kissing and hugging" were committed and Bacani himself apologized for "any inappropriate expression of affection to my secretary". yet no sexual harassment was committed.

I don't know what actions constitute sexual harassment to the Vatican.

cordilleragod said...

natural, what do you expect from 'canon law' mga statutes na napulot kung saan saan. may 'secrecy' pa silang nalalaman.

kawawa talaga yung babae dahil siya pa yung ginawang masama.

as far as i know, ang Pilipinas ay Republika at hindi colony ng Vatican.