Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ramon Tulfo on free speech

It should not have surprised me that Ramon Tulfo, somebody who deliberately makes people mad for a living is a defender of free expression

We pride ourselves as being an ideal democratic country, and yet we want to bludgeon to death an artist who offends our religious sensibilities.

We are a society of hypocrites!

We got our hypocrisy from the Spanish friars who taught us fornicating was a mortal sin, and yet impregnated many women.

*  *  *

If Mideo Cruz depicted Jesus of Nazareth with a penis protruding from his face on a painting, leave him alone.

If we crucify Cruz because we are offended by his work of “art,” we are just like the Jews who nailed Jesus on the cross because His teachings were radical.

Cruz’s work may be “immature and juvenile”—as National Artist Francisco Sionil Jose describes it—but must we punish him for being different?

Let us not forget, my dear friends and readers, that we live in a democracy.

Some wags say democracy—defined as government of, by and for the people—is “demo-crazy.”

Anyone can make a fool of himself just as long as they don’t do physical harm to others.
 I think the entire column is worth reading

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