Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good Riddance

The US canceled (PDI story) the balikatan exercises because
"The annual military exercises in 2007 under the Balikatan would be canceled. The reason is the current custody issue. The usual protection for US servicemen remains in doubt,"
"He said that if the Philippines cannot ensure the protection of US military personnel, it wouldn’t be prudent to bring in US troops to the country."
What kind of bullshit is this? The Philippines cannot ensure the protection of US military personnel. The US itself cannot ensure the protection of US personnel (see Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam).

Can the US ensure that no Filipino civilian will be harmed by any US troop that will participate in the balikatan? I think not. Any blanket assurance of the protection of military personnel is just stupid.

This is why the United States is seen negatively all over the world. They invade their enemies and bully their allies, especially the week ones. A US soldier was convicted of a crime. The custody of the soldier is now in dispute. Rather than following the procedures laid out by the agreement between the Philippines and the US. The US exerts extra pressure on the Philippine government to get their way.

They are canceling the balikatan. I say good riddance. And do not come back!!!!

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