Monday, October 08, 2007

Censoring Lois Lane

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that ABC news

"...confirmed that a remark made by actress Teri Hatcher's character in a recent episode of "Desperate Housewives" which has prompted ,angry reactions from Filipinos all over the world will be deleted.
It is believed that ABC made this decision after
"Rico Foz, executive vice president of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns, said the group was demanding that the ABC television network immediately edit out the controversial scene..."
Now, I am on record (its comment #7) that I believe that racism influenced the crafting of the remarks but c'mon, you want to delete it? Historical revisionism at it's best, sure Desperate Housewives is not Shakespeare but what is? Do we as a nation really want to be part of censoring things offensive to us?

And since I am already on this subject, why are people shooting the messenger? Teri Hatcher, who will always be Lois Lane to me, was the actor, she delivered the line, yet a lot of the vitriol I hear or read centers on her, c'mon people let us be more discriminating.


Anonymous said...

But media does have a way of making behavior like that seem like the norm, especially to the younger viewers who watch them. Remember, this program is seen all over the world.

Don't you think editing the offensive part from reruns and DVDs would somehow prevent later generations of people (regardless of race) from viewing Filipino medical workers as inferior and substandard? :)

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

But if you remove the offensive term, those who watch dvd might think that racism does not/did not exist in our time, which will be a distortion of reality. Which will be more of a disservice to the young.

The Nashman said...

atsaka, hindi naman ito simpsons.....ilan ilan lang nanonood ng programang ito...

actually, kahihiya ka kung nanonood ka ng desperate housewives....sooo baduy...