Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Upgrading to Gutsy

I was not doing anything important so I decided to upgrade Kubuntu to Gutsy. I googled how to do it, found this website with instructions and proceeded to upgrade. The upgraded packages started downloading at about 7:00 pm, it's now 10:00 pm and it has only downloaded 35 percent of the required packages (429 out of 1037) so I'm going to sleep and check up on the upgrade tomorrow morning.

Woke up at 5:00 am, downloading was finished and the installation was starting. Installatin was stopped however by a dialogue window that informs me that if I wanted to use MS corefonts for printing I will have to configure Defoma (debian font manager)

I closed the dialogue window and installation continued.

Shortly after that, I get another dialogue window which informs me that it could not install a 'debconf', installation will continue but "debconf may be in a not working state"

Was given the option to report the bug, tried to, when I clicked the button, Kkonqueror seemed to be start but eventually nothing happened. Clicked the button again, same thing happened. Clicked to close the dialogue window, what else can I do?

Another dialogue box this time informing me that /var/cahche/apt/archives/x11......debpackage cannot be installed. I just closed the box.

Another dialogue box that informs me that it could not install x11 common becuase of "dependency problems" and "x11 common will be left unconfigured.

Clicked to report the bug, same thing happened as before, apparently nothing. So I closed the box.

5:11 AM, its configuring libselinux1 and theres 7 hours and 27 minutes to go in the installation.

5:31 am, it's still configuring libselinux1.

5:53 am, still configuring libselinux1. I think it's stuck and there is no option to cancel.

5:57 am, still stuck, will try to restart and see what happens, hopefully, nothing major.

6:01 am, was warned that my system could be unusable if I stopped the upgrade, was given the option to continue the upgrade, picked yes but the system still rebooted. Now I cannot use adept because another process is using it.

6:30 am , apparently, I did make my system unusable. when I restarted, all I get is a blank screen with a blinking cursor. Any help to get out of this mess will be appreciated.

7:36 pm, After some browsing at ubuntu forums, I came to the conclusion that it would be easiest for me to just download a Kubuntu ISO, burn it to disk and install from there. I will have to boot up with my trusty Knoppix cd and burn my files to cd.

Update: October 30, 2007

I'm updating this post using my trusty Knoppix live cd. I've been burning my files to dvd for two days (18 DVDs so far) and it's not yet finished. And I am loathe to just throw out the things I don't use anymore, so I back all of them up and I've accumulated a lot of them. I know, I should have been backing up my files religiously and definitely should have backed them up before attempting the upgrade. But I didn't, so I'm doing it now, whidh is a pain, which is probably why I was not doing it before :).

I have also been distracted with playing Civilization, rediscovered that I had that game installed in my windows partition and have been struggling against the "one more turn" syndrome.

Bottom line, should be finished upgrading by the end of the week.


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