Monday, July 25, 2011


The Philippine Star reports that Bishops are calling for a boycott of an exhibit that the Bishops think is sacrilegious. The exhibit, s where, "some of the works featured phallic images and condoms juxtaposed with religious icons", is being held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Bishop Deogracias Iniguez calls for a boycott because, the artists "“...should be very sensitive and respectful to the people…they should respect the religion of others,”.   Which tells of a lack of self awareness from a member of a church who actively opposes a bill, that would provide contraceptive options to Filipinos whose religions allow their use.  A religion that actively opposes a bill, that will allow people whose belief does not forbid them, to divorce.

Maybe the good Bishop should heed his call and respect the religion of others.  The Bishops can call on their flock to not use contraceptives and to not divorce,  they should respect the religion of others who wants to.

Another Bishop
Former Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz, who previously served as CBCP president, said he saw a video of the “sick” exhibit.

“The ones who did those things are sick. They are not only sick, what they did was also sickening. No one in his right mind with the proper values system would even think of doing such a thing. I wonder if those who did those desecration would allow me to do those things to them… Meaning to say, to put those items on their faces and bodies and to desecrate them with all those items, like a used condom,” Cruz said.
He seem to have not noticed that no actual person's face and/or body was used in the making of the exhibited item.  It is the Bishop who is threatening to do the things he thinks are disgusting to live human beings.

I don't think anybody within the Catholic hierarchy ever challenges this bishops when they voice their ideas,  they seem so oblivious to the contradictions within their own pronouncements.


The Nashman said...

Meanwhile...a world headline that is not being reported in the Philippine Media....

ang sacrilege ng mga pari

may nababasa ka ba sa diyaryo natin tungkol sa nagbabagang balitang ito or censored?

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

Wala pa ako nababasa, pero usually nababalita din naman yang mga ganyan lalo na kung reuters o AP nagdala. Hindi lang nababandera, saka hindi napag-uusapan ng mga commentators sa radyo at TV. Lalo pa ngayon, SONA so malamang maburo pa siya.