Thursday, July 07, 2011

Catholic Exceptionalism 3

Catholicism in the Philippines is so entrenched in our culture that catholics seem to think that what is good for catholicism is good for the country. I wrote 2 previous posts on how this kind of thinking is hurting non catholics by restricting freedoms to what is allowable from the perspective of catholicism.

Now we have Manoling Morato not seeing anything wrong with giving millions of pesos to catholic clergy and institutions for helping the poor.  I won't go into the question of whether the gifts awarded were actually used to serve the poor, but look at this post from TheNashman which mirrors my reaction, but go straight to what I think is the more important matter.

Will Mr. Manoling Morato not see anything wrong if the Philippine government gives vehicles to the Iglesia ni Cristo?  or to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?  What about Buddhists?  or Muslims? If yes,  why did they not give any to them?

Mr. Morato is blinded by his catholicism to think that giving to catholics is normal,  this is precisely the reason why our constitution gives Filipinos freedom of conscience, and restricts the government from favoring any one religion. Because if it doesn't catholics and catholicism will be favored among all others, and that can lead to tyranny, to the way the Philippines was ruled during the time of Rizal when every catholic priest was a law unto themselves,  which, judging from how some bishops got to acquiring their vehicle from the government, some still seem to think so.

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