Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why John Rambo is the Baddest Man Ever Captured on Film

Before we all hit the theater tonight to watch him punch off some heads, we might as well make it official. A tale-of-the-tape style breakdown of Rambo, John McClane and the T-800 for bad-ass supremacy.

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The Nashman said...

i'm going to watch.

i think this will film will be so bad, it'll be so funny.

Jerico Torres said...

I just saw John Rambo last night and i was blown away at how well done the film was done (sic). I think the film presents a nifty satire of the state of world politics and the harsh realities behind every foreign policy. That the failed medical mission has spawned forth more death than an evian flu epidemic is testament to the ugly side of human nature and the pissed off side of John Rambo. But the real star of the movie is the blood--computer enhanced splatters of lumpy red liquid abound, dripping and gleaming (the protagontist of the First Blood Series have truly outdone himself on this one) and with a bigger kill ratio than all his other 3 films combined (i know this is not true but it sounds good at the end of this sentence). Majority of the fatalities were burmese since the film was set in burma. This is the installment which finds John Rambo being at peace with what he really is -- a human killng machine with no other job prospect or vocation in the horizon and so in the end he comes home to the family farm -- presumably to slaughter some horses-----but that is another story. Five Stars