Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Prophet Erap

Former Philippine President Joseph Estrada seems to have given up on his threat to again run for the Presidency of the Philippines to become a prophet of God. God has so far told him that the Philippines is suffering because
"Cardinal Sin did not heed “God’s voice” and, instead, backed the Edsa II People Power revolt, despite a Vatican order to stay away."
He does not tell us why God would punish all Filipinos, including the children who were born after EDSA 2 for the sins of Cardinal Sin. He also does not tell us why God would take the side of an admitted fornicator and adulterer over a man who served God all his adult life.

p.s. (added 1/23/08)

Last September 2007, President Estrada prayed to God that the judges who were then poised to render judgment on his plunder trial should become enlightened and decide the case on it's merits. God, in his wisdom, decided to grant this wish and let the judges convict him. I just wished he prayed that God should give GMA wisdom, maybe GMA would not have pardoned him and the country will be better off today.

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