Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Malaysian police are poised to arrest and charge their former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy. The same charge that got him imprisoned in 1999.

The first conviction was viewed as politically motivated so I cannot understand why they are leveling the same charge again since this would most probably be viewed as politically motivated, unless the ruling party is so convinced of their invulnerability that they do not think they need to make elaborate pretenses when they persecute somebody.

The thing that gets me though is that they are charging him with sodomy. I can only conclude that they believe that Malaysians are so homophobic that the mere mention of the act of sodomy will make them abhor Mr. Anwar.

I can't believe Malaysian's allows this kind of archaic thinking to pervade their society. Malaysia seems to be a very dynamic society and their economy has passed that of the Philippines, yet they persist with this kind of antediluvian thinking?

Of course we in the Philippines have our share of people with this kind of thinking, but at least we do not jail people for a sexual act that that they engage in voluntarily. The operative word here is voluntarily, forcing sex on other people is rape.

I hope Mr. Anwar, beats this charge, become head of government and abolish this law.

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Arnel B. Endrinal said...

It seems there is no freedom of the press in Malaysia, for there are so many questions left unanswered...

I wonder why no one is asking Anwar if he is gay...?