Thursday, July 31, 2008




Kerry said...

This is very sad. However, it does not describe what it means to be pro-life. This image promotes the use of condoms and the Reproductive Health Bill. It is terrible that so many people have suffered and died from AIDS but the solution is not to promote sex with condoms and anyone that was truly pro-life would not promote the Reproductive Health Bill. To be truly pro-life means to be against abortion. Many more children have died through abortion than from AIDS. In fact, 4,000 babies die a day from abortion, which equates to one in three babies everyday. These babies don't die from a terrible disease like AIDS - they die because of a choice, and one their own mother makes. The Reproductive Health Bill wants to make abortions more accessible to people by forcing hospitals to provide them and by forcing doctors to perform them. The Reproductive Health Bill is not the solution to this problem and I hope that you will discourage your politicians from voting for it.

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

The Reproductive Health Bill does not promote abortions. Please read what you are criticizing before you criticize it.

To be pro-life means to be for the people who are alive today. That means the mothers. The pregnant mothers should have the final say if they want to carry their pregnancy to term, not anybody else.

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...


To help you read the RH Bill, I am linking to the full text of the RH Bill