Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Popular Bookstore

I was near Timog these last 2 days so I decide to visit Popular Bookstore.

Popular Bookstore Sticker

I first heard of Popular Bookstore when it was still located in Doroteo Jose St., in Manila. A lot of leftist/activists visited the store to buy hard to find leftist books.

One of the books i was able to buy from Popular Bookstore is the "Freethinker's Reader"

The Freethinker's Reader

The book is a collection of essays by Bertrand Russel, Robert Ingersoll, Carlos Esteban and H.L Mencken about atheism. At a time when the mere mention of the word atheism brands you a a godless anti-government, communist radical, finding this book was liberating. This book was evidence that I was not alone, that there were others who thought as I did.

As I was browsing through the shelves I stumbled upon a book that was written by "nobel prize nominee" E.E. Escultura.

Struggle for Peace

The book is a collection of essays by E.E. Escultura not really about the struggle for peace, as the title suggests, but more on the anti-imperialist movements during the 1980's.

So if your looking for hard to find books or you just want to browse for books you won't normally find at National Bookstore, you should visit Popular Bookstore.

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