Thursday, November 29, 2007

Disagreeing with AKBAYAN

I've always voted AKBAYAN and will continue to do so. I believe that the party genuinely represents the interests of Filipinos. I agree with the AKBAYAN statement that a peaceful resolution is the best solution. On the other hand...

Yes, the incident in Makati should not be surprising, but not because of the "abuses committed by the GMA administration", but because coup plotters in the Philippines have always got away with it. From former Senator Tolentino, to Sen. Honasan to Sen. Trillanes, Filipino's have awarded them with high public office.

The fact that Sen. Trillanes was not allowed to serve as a Senator is a should not be an issue. He was charged with a crime and it was ruled that he cannot be allowed to leave his confinement. And apparently, if we go be todays events, the court was correct to rule that way. Not being allowed to serve was always a possibility since Sen. Trillanes already had charges against him while he ran for office, 11 million Filipinos rolled the dice and still voted for him. They lost the bet.

This is a patent grab for political power, they called for the President and Vice-President to resign and called for people to go to Makati and support them. This should be treated a a coup plot and should be resolved as a coup plot. With Sen. Trillanes again thrown in jail and additional cases brought against him.

The Manila Peninsula should also give Sen. Trillanes the bill for his occupation of the hotel and the lost revenues from the departure of the hotel guests.

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