Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rise of the Glorietta Truthers

A couple of weeks ago, I surmised that the supporters of Senator Trillanes will be loathe to believe the lack of evidence of a bomb causing the explosion in Glorietta. Yesterday, the Magdalo blog reproduced the column of Mr. Hermann Tiu Laurel doing just that.

Mr. Laurel started by reminding his readers of Mariannet Amper, the child who committed suicide because of her family's poverty juxtaposed with the amount of debt service our country pays out. And the surge in profit of one of the Lopez' companies. I would have sympathized more if he had other arguments aside from an appeal to emotion.

But then again, when he writes sentences like
"...in my own discussions with President Estrada, the still and only legitimate president of this country, who commits to the institution of debt moratorium as soon as the opportunity arises."
"While ambitious leaders with Gloria clash and claw at each other to get the lion’s share of the plunder and power. Only President Estrada is going to the people, other opposition “leaders” only brush elbows with the elite’s Black and White."
you lose credibility as someone who thinks of the poor children when you acknowledge a convicted plunderer as your legitimate President. And is the camp of Sen. Trillanes so starved of followers that they need Mr. Laurel in their camp?

But to the denialism. Mr Laurel decries the obeisance of a radio program to the "FBI’s cover up in Glo II bombing." So rather than arguing the evidence which at least the Ayala's do. Mr. Laurel lists a number inept FBI investigations like the Anthrax letters, the Richard Jewell case, and the
"self-inflicted 9/11 WTC “terror attacks” which was really controlled demolition."
The first two are real cases, the first one is still unsolved, the second one got out of hand due to media coverage not to FBI ineptness. But the third one is a big one, the controlled demolition theory is one of many theories on the 9/11 attacks that has been debunked.

If you believe that a convicted plunderer is still the legitimate President of the Philippines, and that the US government will deliberately kill thousands of their own citizens, then it is not a stretch for you to believe that the Philippine government engineered the explosion in Glorietta even against all the evidence against it.

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