Friday, November 16, 2007

Witness 2

We already know that Mr. Hermann Tiu Laurel believes that the US and Philippine governments are bloodthirsty enough to kill their own citizens.

Adding to Mr. Laurel's paranoia is Sen. Trillanes' witness Abdul Rahman aka Ronald Ramos who we last heard claiming that he "cased" Glorietta for a special operations group of National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales. Which convinced him that "the surveillance job is linked to the Glorietta blast". No matter that no bomb materials were found in the scene.

Now, Mr. Abdul Rahman has expanded on his story. He now claims that along with 7 other people
"He ... had specific orders to case certain places for possible bombing targets even as he said he had reported to his bosses that the House of Representatives has a lax security and that the best place to lodge a bomb in Congress was at the parking lot and at the Speaker’s podium at the plenary hall."
He further claims that they had
"instruction from their superiors was to “case” certain buildings for possible bombing targets to create a scene of unrest and to blame the incident on the RSM."
and that Secretary Gonzales himself told him to “Do your job properly.”

So let me get this straight. Secretary Gonzales, is ruthless enough to kill his own countrymen, including members of Congress. Intelligent and wily enough to blame the Ayala group for the explosion in Glorietta and cover-up the presence of the bomb conspiring with or befuddling the PNP, the Australian Forensic Police and the FBI. Possibly blame political enemies of the Akbars for the Congressional bombing and cover up the truth again with the PNP and possibly other foreign investigators but he will be dumb enough to tell 8 people that he wants them to "case" several buildings so that he may bomb them.

Somehow that doesn't seem realistic to me. And anybody who believes such a story is a moron.

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