Friday, November 30, 2007


This is the latest meme that seem to be spreading regarding the police strategy that made Sen. Trillanes and Gen. Lim surrender and weep without bloodshed.

Can the police have used lesser force? Probably, but why should they? You have Sen. Trillanes and his lawyers saying on television that they are prepared to die for their cause, you prepare for the worst. You try to overpower them, anything less and you endanger the civilians and the policemen trying to suppress the coup plotters.

But those criticizing the strategy seem to criticize the strategy of storming the plotters themselves, they seem to prefer the Oakwood strategy of wooing the plotters out of the building with another agreement between them.

That is bullshit, Sen. Trillanes does not deserve to be treated in a special way, this is the second time he tried this, why should he be treated with kid gloves again. Wooing them out of the building is giving them another forum to air their demands and inflates their egos. They should be treated like the coup plotters they are.


Randall Gallegos said...

I am wondering how a criminal plotting a coup, should he have not been shot on sight regardless of risk of life and the individuals government elected standing? The sanctity of government should always be upheld. In my experience Marines are trained for one thing and that is to acheive an objective of removal or 'takeout' as it were. Hence they are not trained for precise missions that should be done by SWAT teams, which it was. Overkill is a harsh word. I will say that they were tremendously slow in their entrance to the hotel but made up for lost ground upon entrance, having the culprits in custody in a very short time. If you want government change you must do it the legal way and a coup is definately not it. Ciao!

Roy C. Choco, FCD said...

Hi Randall,

My point here is that you cannot call it overkill when nobody was killed or wounded. The only injury sustained was to the pride of the ringleaders who wanted to portray a picture of unbending determination.