Saturday, November 03, 2007

New Links

I finally got off my butt and added the sites/blogs I normally read everyday. I have been planning to add them for several months now, I was just lazy.

The Must Read posts are still on top, these are in my opinion the best posts I've read from my reading list, then I list some personal pages of mine followed by my friends blogs.

Pinoy blogs follow, these blogs usually discuss current issues in the Philippines. They are followed by the Science blogs which discuss science usually biology and evolution which is understandable since I stumbled into these blogs from reading "The Panda's Thumb" a site dedicated to fighting the misinformation propagated by the Intelligent Design movement.

Then there are the Skepticism blogs, which I merged with debunking sites like Quackwatch and the Urban Legends Reference Page. When you read them, theres a lot of overlap with the Science blogs and the Skeptic blogs because their both wedded to the idea that the scientific method is key in investigating any phenomena.

Then there's the Technology blogs which right now consists of two entries, and the comics which have three entries.

If you have time, please feel free to visit them. You will not be disappointed.

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